Monday, December 03, 2007

Einherjar candidates Date: 3 December

This means that lots of new recruits are available.  They all have special attributes, so please check the wording and report any anomalies.

Oh, and please bid on them!  We’ve just had another (rather good, in my opinion) Einherjar sell for 1 Acorn.



12-03-2007 18:43:38 UTC

I nominate Guy Fawkes

Wit: +7
Combat: -3
Moxie: -1
Artistry: -5
Tinkering: +3
Charisma: +2

Guy Fawkes has eir stats added to skirmish rating of Fólkvangr instead of the Valkryie who owns him. If Fólkvangr’s Skirmish Rating is higher than the combined Skirmish Rating of all Active Valkyries, the Valkrie receives 10 acorns, minus five for each Einherjar other that Guy Fawkes under eir control to a minimum of minus twenty Acorns.

Guy Fawkes does not exist for the purposes of the third to last paragraph of Training Skirmishes. That is, he does not get any acorns if he has the highest skirmish rating, but he also cannot be fallen.


12-03-2007 19:19:00 UTC

Hix—can you update the “Einherjar cost” page?


12-03-2007 20:40:19 UTC



12-03-2007 23:50:37 UTC

Worst thing of all, that Einherjar that sold for 1 acorn used to be mine.  *grumbles*


12-04-2007 02:38:20 UTC

the wiki page needs updating too guys


12-04-2007 02:55:49 UTC

No it doesn’t. Your cache settings are probably broken. Does someone remember the steps that you need to take to fix your cache?


12-04-2007 02:58:47 UTC

i think from now on i’m not useing aol for the nomic except to email. damn thing is always showing the wrong stuff >:O


12-04-2007 15:45:12 UTC 

*  Double-clicking the refresh button should solve your problem (in Mozilla or IE). This is being worked on.

* If you are registered and logged on, click on the Preferences link at the top of any page in the Wiki, then select “Misc Settings” and check the box before “Disable page caching”. Save your settings.


12-04-2007 17:48:51 UTC

I nominate Judith

Wit +3
Moxie +5
Charisma +2
Mysticism +1

Happy Hanukkah!  Hmm… that reminds me:  there ought to be a cheese proposal soon.  I was a bit disappointed that the cheesemonger Occupation didn’t have any special game effects during the Werewolf Dynasty.


12-04-2007 18:10:03 UTC

I think I attached cheese to one of my proposals and it got passed actually :P


12-04-2007 18:12:23 UTC

nevermind it was a cookie, and I s/k it.


12-07-2007 02:23:43 UTC

I nominate Oscar Wilde:
Wit: +10
Artistry: +7
Moxie: _-2)
Combat: _-5)

Male, Sane, Honorable.

Special ability: In recognition of the circumstances regarding Wilde’s, uh, tastes (and his lack of success with his libel suit against the Marquess of Queensberry) all of Wilde’s statistics are reduced by 2 (to a minimum of (-10) for each Male Einherjar (excluding Wilde himself) that is owned by the same Valkyrie as Wilde.


12-09-2007 07:10:43 UTC

i must say that D.B really F’D me up lol. nice move.


12-09-2007 13:54:34 UTC

Speaking of which, has anyone stopped Ghandi from fasting?


12-09-2007 13:58:56 UTC

I nominate… Ragnar Lodbrok:

Wit: -5
Combat: +8
Moxie: +4
Charisma: +1

Special Ability: If, after a skirmish, Ragnar’s Combat statistic is higher than that of the Einherjar with the highest Combat statistic of the winning Valkyrie, then Ragnar shall hold that Einherjar to ransom, causing 5 acorns to be transfered from the winning Valkyrie, to the Valkyrie that owns Ragnar, if one exists.


12-09-2007 14:02:25 UTC



12-09-2007 21:13:36 UTC

Darknight: sorry that you had to be in my way.  It was less of an issue of me wanting your money, and more of an issue of me seeing an opportunity to knock you into bankruptcy and take an Einherjar from you.  Of course, I didn’t mind being extremely lucky with my hijack roll…


12-09-2007 21:14:45 UTC

Oh—for Oscar Wilde, he ought to be exempt from “Bleeding to Death”.


12-09-2007 21:55:52 UTC

I’ll put these Einherjar up tomorrow, when I have time to tweak the special attribute text.


12-09-2007 23:07:02 UTC

Spike: can’t blame ya lol. Beowulf and Jeanne made a nasty team lol.


12-10-2007 01:15:40 UTC

also, weren’t we supposed to get some experience for the last skirmish?


12-10-2007 15:41:54 UTC

I believe so. I’ll update it.


12-10-2007 16:16:47 UTC

I nominate Christopher Walken

  *  Wit 7 (Walken was amused by the (presidential candidacy) hoax, and when asked to come up with a campaign slogan, replied “What the Heck?” and “No More Zoos!”)
  * Scholasticism 4 (He studied at Hofstra University on Long Island but did not graduate.)
  * Moxie 5
  * Artistry 8
  * Charisma 4
  * Mysticism 5 (He was raised in the Methodist religion.)

Special Abilities:
Acting: May act as any one insane Einherjar, even unrecruited and disgraced, regardless of the owner if it would cause the Valkyrie who owns him to win the skirmish or if it would cause Fólkvangr to not win a skirmish. When acting as another Einherjar, that Einherjar’s statictics (and special abilities?) replace his own. After the skirmish, Christopher reverts back to exactly how he was before the skirmish started.


12-10-2007 18:52:43 UTC

good, but i’m pretty sure christopher walken is alive:—unless you know something the internet hasn’t caught up on yet…

or are we allowed to recruit live people? i thought it was only dead, although i guess that’s just my understanding of norse mythology & my interpretation of ‘from history’.

more cowbell!


12-10-2007 19:00:48 UTC

Bill Gates is alive too.
I just worry about how hard the special ability would be for Hix to track.