Thursday, August 20, 2009


I will accept Essays on any major topic in consideration for the related Good Deed, so long as they involve Blognomic in an important way. The Essays should be deep, meaningful, and connected to Blognomic.

Shouldn’t be hard, yuri, but your Essay does need to make some conclusion related to Blognomic. . . .



08-20-2009 06:42:42 UTC

I am currently working on an essay, but it will be quite long, so its taking me a while.


08-20-2009 15:08:54 UTC

No prob. If you show me a draft of something, I can probably post so you can complete the Step before the Essay is completely finished.

Ienpw III:

08-21-2009 05:13:55 UTC

My conclusion now makes reference to blognomic.

Waffle Falafel please.


08-21-2009 06:44:13 UTC

Eh, I’ll thnk about it. Might take me a while to see the Philosophical merit of your conclusion-unrelated-to-essay-thesis.


08-21-2009 08:23:29 UTC

I mean, these Essays are intended to be of use to Blognomic players in the future, and I don’t want to take away from the serious efforts of Bucky and SB. arthexis, I suspect, is doing the right thing; while his Essay may be on the numerous reasons that Qwazukee is bad for Blognomic, that would be well thought out and relevant to those interested in Blognomic’s history (and no doubt supported by various other sources).

The goal is for these Essays to stick around after this Dynasty, so please try to make them illuminating and topical.