Sunday, December 20, 2009

Explanation Needed.

Falkuon and Uvthenfuv, what do you have to say for yourself(s)?



12-20-2009 01:40:40 UTC



12-20-2009 01:45:41 UTC

same ip address

Ienpw III:

12-20-2009 01:48:41 UTC

And, indeed, join date.

They both registered on the 11th of December.
So why’d Uv only join today?


12-20-2009 02:00:44 UTC

How do you know that, teddy?


12-20-2009 02:04:03 UTC

I was just on IRC at the time, that’s all

<Ienpw_III> go here:
<Ienpw_III> and do an IP search for 84.0

is how any admin could find out, I think


12-20-2009 03:59:14 UTC

Or you could simply click on the two players’ member accounts from the admin tab.


12-20-2009 04:18:15 UTC

oh please. why do things the easy way? :P


12-20-2009 11:31:27 UTC

Guessed someone would ask that. : ) We’re siblings. Originally my thought chain was something like the following:
‘I’ll register and join the game! -> Eh, I’m too shy to make that post. -> Hey, I should join after all.’
Whereas after I told Falkuon the game rules, he joined fairly fast… (I hope he won’t just forget about it one of these days)
BTW 1: Why were spivak pronouns removed from the game?
BTW 2: Why are GNDT passwords (or at least mine) vulnerable to a dictionary attack? I looked around, and couldn’t find one, so is there a way to change it?

Sorry if my English is of varying quality, it’s a bad habit of mine to overcomplicate stuff I’m writing : /


12-20-2009 14:57:10 UTC

1: someone thought they were un-fun so passed a proposal to get rid of them

2:  the GNDT passwords are vulnerable to more than that.  In practise, it hasn’t been a problem.  They only control the GNDT, which is a single app running on our server, so there’s not a lot of incentive to break them.


12-20-2009 15:42:56 UTC

I find it incredibly amusing that Wak, of all admins, made this post.

Or should I say… “Qwaz”?

Ienpw III:

12-20-2009 16:13:38 UTC

Darth: Yeah, I kept my mouth shut, but I was thinking the same.

Uv: If you really want to change it, just PM an admin, but keep in mind that any admin can see it.


12-20-2009 16:28:48 UTC

Haha what’s funny is, now that I’m home on break, Wak and I may be using the same IP again….

Apathetic Lizardman:

12-20-2009 16:33:28 UTC

Are you two related? I’ve always wondered why your names are so similar.


12-20-2009 16:40:06 UTC

I just want to repeat this for emphasis:

Every admin can see all GNDT passwords, so don’t ask us to change yours to a password that’s important to you.


12-20-2009 16:49:57 UTC

Haha, yeah he’s my brother, which caused some confusion 6 Dynasties or so ago, even though I had already said he was my bro.


12-20-2009 18:25:41 UTC

AActually, that is why I posted “please explain” as opposed to “please ban”. :P. Welcome, but expect at least a bit of suspicion, and no matter what you do, don’t post as the other.


12-20-2009 20:16:42 UTC

and thank you. : )

Ienpw III:

12-20-2009 21:42:33 UTC

After some investigating I am confident in stating that Uvthenfuv and Falkuon are indeed different people.