Friday, October 24, 2008

Proposal: Extra Clans

reached a quorum, final vote 11-2—Yoda
Kevan - 3 votes
Rodlen - 0 votes
Rodney - 0 votes
Hello Sailor - 1 vote

Adminned at 25 Oct 2008 11:14:41 UTC

Each Clansman who votes on this proposal and is not already a Clan Lord may include the name of exactly one Clansman in the comment containing his vote.  Any Clansman who named himself in this manner and was named by at least three other Clansmen becomes a Clan Lord and is added to the list in Rule 2.1.



10-24-2008 03:52:20 UTC

for even though I cannot include the name of a Clansman…


10-24-2008 04:01:09 UTC

for Rodlen


10-24-2008 04:28:49 UTC

for Kevan


10-24-2008 14:43:21 UTC

for Kevan


10-24-2008 14:44:38 UTC

for If you like. Kevan.

Hello Sailor:

10-24-2008 14:54:30 UTC

against as no one has given me any reason to believe that I will benefit from his being promoted.

—Hello Sailor, looking out for number 1.


10-24-2008 15:28:47 UTC

against Hello Sailor, I totally agree.


10-24-2008 15:53:06 UTC

@Hello Sailor & Xaxyx: How’s this for a reason?

for Rodney.

The first three people to vote for my Clan-Lordship will receive one free Rodney-CoV. For a single proposal, I’ll vote however you ask me and I won’t change it again.

(Fine print: Offer only valid while supplies last. Offer only valid during this Dynasty on proposal that do not modify the Core Ruleset and/or glossary. Offer not even legally binding, but if I don’t give you it when you ask, you can propose to de-Clan-Lordify me later).


10-24-2008 16:07:32 UTC

for Kevan


10-24-2008 16:18:52 UTC



10-24-2008 17:15:18 UTC

Non-binding agreements do not entice me.  Sorry.  :)


10-24-2008 19:05:02 UTC

Rodney, I would like to point out that your naming of yourself is invalid because you named Xaxyx as well (and thus failed to name exactly one Clansman.) You should recast your vote.


10-24-2008 21:28:17 UTC

for Rodney.

@The person who’s name starts with X: I can’t make a binding agreement, so this is the best I can offer.


10-25-2008 12:11:18 UTC

“@The person who’s name starts with X: I can’t make a binding agreement, so this is the best I can offer.”

lol for


10-25-2008 15:53:27 UTC