Friday, November 09, 2012

From the Wire

  • Positive Science event in United States: President Obama promises 5% increase in science and technology funding in 2013 budget.
  • Negative Sport event in France: Five soccer players banned for breaking curfew.
  • Neutral War event in Japan: Japanese cabinet ministers visit Tokyo war shrine.
  • Positive Celebrity event in Greece: Tonia Sotiropoulou is first Greek Bond girl.

Note that - at the time of writing - today’s first story is a Popular Event (95 Location Importance + 30 Public Opinion).



09-11-2012 15:13:03 UTC

Positive Science Event in United States: Obama’s Promise to Fund Science Won’t Solve Budget Woes


09-11-2012 16:46:56 UTC

Well, boo, the RNG was bound to turn against me at some point.

Belatedly, I realize that RaichuKFM’s comment on Boring (“makes condemned stances useless”) was overstating things a bit; with the importance of the Location still added in, a condemned stance becomes useless depending on how strongly it’s condemned.

RaichuKFM: she/her

09-11-2012 17:03:18 UTC

Positive Science event in U.S.: White House to Increase Science Funding.


10-11-2012 20:57:26 UTC

Murphy: You can report on the Popular Event.