Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I can sum up this entire dynasty in three words

Arth vs. Darth.



01-13-2009 02:16:08 UTC

2 of those aren’t real words, and one of them is an abbreviation. So I suppose it could be argued that you can sum up this dynasty in 0 words.


01-13-2009 02:21:44 UTC

Arth and Darth are words. They’re proper nouns, which are words.

And abbreviations are words too.

You amateurs bug me.


01-13-2009 02:28:52 UTC

Go Arth!


01-13-2009 02:34:00 UTC

Well, Darth is part of a proper noun, I guess, but. Arth is part of the word “arthexis,” so not a word itself. Abbreviations are the little lost step-nephew of words. Do you play Blognomic professionally? But I’m glad there’s a place to discuss minutiae like this.


01-13-2009 02:40:40 UTC

Not amateur BlogNomic players - amateur Grammar Nazis.


01-13-2009 02:46:16 UTC

Hardly, I was just thinking outside the box to add spice to an otherwise inane post. It’s hard for a grammarian on this site, just look around. Why did you capitalize “arth?” . . . just because I want to know the policy on capitalizing non-capitalized proper nouns at the beginning of sentences, which I can surely only get from self-proclaimed proffesional grammar Nazis.


01-13-2009 02:49:54 UTC

Furthermore, my nickname is all lowercase, so, no sense in capitalizing it.


01-13-2009 13:38:48 UTC

The Arth instead of arth just seems to be standard around here.


01-13-2009 16:08:15 UTC

Furthermore, it happens to be the first word of a sentence.


01-13-2009 18:46:41 UTC

Please read my last comment.


01-13-2009 19:53:51 UTC

@Bucky: That’s not even a sentence.


01-13-2009 20:46:20 UTC

Yes it is.

Subject: Arth
Verb: versus (which is in fact a verb, just a strange one)
Object: Darth


01-13-2009 21:32:49 UTC

“Versus” is a preposition. Cf. “against.” Prepostitions are not verbs. A sentence must have a verb. Neither “Arth” nor “Darth” is a verb. Q.E.D. it isn’t a sentence.


08-03-2009 15:32:25 UTC

Alright then, after several dynasties of looking it up, I have decided that the full three words are together just one noun, e.g. how the name of a lawsuit can be used as a noun.