Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have decided to have one bone.

Nobody can have 206 bones at any time now.



01-13-2009 04:51:48 UTC

And arthexis cannot achieve victory except by snagging the Blo relic for a semi-instant and then declaring victory at the same time. Nice (I wonder how this affects the paraplegic rule?).


01-13-2009 06:03:40 UTC

I already have the BLO relic. Furthermore the next sentence explicitly says that whenever I break a bone, I gain a “broken bone” What the first sentence does is simply prohibiting me from having exactly 206 broken bones. I can, however, have 205 or 207.


01-13-2009 13:25:27 UTC

“Each Citizen has exactly 206 bones at no times, and each of them may either be broken or non broken. All bones a Citizen owns are initially considered to be not broken. There exists a GNDT stat called “Fractures” which determines the number of broken bones a Citizen has. Whenever a Citizen breaks a bone, it increases that Citizen’s Fractures by the number of bones broken, and also causes terrible pain.”

Therefore, 207 bones is illegal. (Evidently, Rodlen hasn’t updated the wiki yet.)


01-13-2009 15:39:26 UTC

“Each Citizen has exactly 206 bones at NO times”