Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I need a better workshop!

Create a rule:  Workshops

Each commoner owns a workshop in which to store their parts, inventions and resources.  The workshop is also the only location in which inventing is possible.  All resources and parts are considered to be inside the workshop at all times rather than being carried by the inventor.
A commoner will be located within their workshop by default, unless another rule states otherwise.

Add to rule 2.1:

The act of scavenging takes 24 hours from the moment it is announced on the GNDT.  During this time the commoner will be located at the Junkyard.  For the sake of simplicity, resources shall be added the moment scavenging is started.

A mans workshop is his fortress.

Here, at least, I am free from the insanity.

(Added more mechanics)



03-02-2010 20:31:05 UTC

against  I don’t like the idea in the first place, really.


03-02-2010 20:42:46 UTC

Not a proposal.


03-02-2010 21:00:29 UTC

Was this posted by mistake? As commented on your other submission of it, you already have two proposals pending, and should wait for them to be removed from the queue by an admin before proposing another.


03-03-2010 08:50:17 UTC

Sorry guys, not quite sure how this got posted.  against


03-03-2010 17:13:30 UTC