Friday, August 07, 2009


MacMed, Mossfire, Shem, and Wooble all idle. Weatherteam drops to 8.



08-07-2009 11:29:31 UTC

Be careful when you Idle people, yuri. You need to put commas in between on the list, I’m fixing it now.

Ienpw III:

08-07-2009 13:53:13 UTC

Oh yeah, sorry.


08-07-2009 19:55:58 UTC

Sorry about that, I was on an exchange which prevented me from getting online very often.  I guess I’ll sit out for the moment and unidle next dynasty.


08-07-2009 22:42:53 UTC

Feel free to come back if you like, you haven’t missed too much.


08-08-2009 17:21:54 UTC

Qwaz: I remember a while back when Syl idled and they forgot to put a comma, so it ended up as “SylTAE”.