Friday, August 13, 2010

Proposal: Moving along, properly

Self-killed/vetoed; fails 0-2. -coppro

Adminned at 14 Aug 2010 08:17:39 UTC

Repeal all dynastic rules. With each EVC on this proposal, a name of one active citizen may be given.  Whichever citizen is mentioned in the most EVCs on this proposal achieves victory.

I prefer actual dynasties to metas (metae? metar? metaj? metak?)



08-13-2010 15:05:57 UTC

for Explicit author FOR. ais523.


08-13-2010 15:09:16 UTC

ais has had a couple of dynasties recently. If you must give it away, wouldn’t it be better to give it to some of the new blood?


08-13-2010 15:09:47 UTC

Last time we gave it to the “new blood”, it resulted in this dynasty.


08-13-2010 15:16:11 UTC

We didn’t give it to the new blood, the new blood won, which is how it’s supposed to go. If we end up just passing victory around the shadowy cabal by proposal every month then the game aspect of BlogNomic is functionally dead.


08-13-2010 15:18:35 UTC

Josh: No, no, no, the new blood didn’t win. Or, rather, it did, but the new blood in question was Galdyn, and it passed the mantle to a different new blood because it knew that it was too new to run a dynasty but didn’t know that the other new blood was also too new.

Frankly, BlogNomic itself is functionally dead.


08-13-2010 15:21:25 UTC

The idle out and let those of us who still find the game worth playing continue in peace.

You say “this dynasty” like its advent was somehow a bleak cautionary catastrophe. It may not have worked, structurally, but it was an interesting experiment that contained plenty that was unexpected and new, and that’s to be applauded.


08-13-2010 15:33:44 UTC

Ah, I see your point.  against self-kill.


08-13-2010 15:45:57 UTC

If a proposer self-kills then idles out, does their self-kill still count as a self-kill?


08-13-2010 15:48:58 UTC

Perhaps this should be vetoed just in case.


08-13-2010 15:55:02 UTC

Or it should fail 0-0. :)


08-13-2010 15:57:10 UTC

Baring a last-minute unidling, which would be a fun scam if DC were so minded.

against just in case.


08-13-2010 15:58:30 UTC

The “unless that Citizen asked to become Idle within the previous 4 days” clause prevents that scam.


08-13-2010 16:00:27 UTC

Not totally, as you didn’t request to become idle; you idled yourself.

(I’ve had half an eye on that scam for ages)


08-13-2010 16:05:28 UTC

Josh: Idling yourself without requesting is illegal. The idea is that you requested it to yourself.


08-13-2010 16:23:31 UTC

Yes, but by claiming that you didn’t request it of yourself you can revert your own idling, thus having never actually been idle, thus being able to vote.


08-13-2010 16:24:13 UTC

In which case the self-kill still holds.


08-13-2010 16:38:15 UTC

against Sigh.


08-13-2010 16:53:52 UTC

veto just to make sure the s/k works (it should, by my reading)


08-13-2010 20:00:16 UTC

Actually, IIRC the reason Galdyn passed the mantle was not that he was too new, but that he had a dynasty idea that wouldn’t have worked well immediately after the previous dynasty.


08-13-2010 20:01:55 UTC

And that he didn’t have time to run a dynasty, at least, those were the reasons he gave me.


08-13-2010 20:36:47 UTC

So whats the current tally for Darth declaring BN dead now? Sheesh


08-13-2010 22:54:48 UTC

At my count, zero. When it happened in my dynasty, when it led to the dictatorship, I said it was dying. Now, it’s alive; I was responding to Josh’s idea that overuse of vote-for-a-winner meant it was dead.


08-14-2010 08:52:46 UTC

... By declaring that you thought BlogNomic was dead.