Friday, March 16, 2012


Ascension Address
This is Blogia, the 99th Colony of the Once and Future Empire. Blogia is an enormous dark planet, located lightyears from its nearest neighbor. Though remote, the soil is rich, and colony’s minerals bring in a substantial income from across the galaxy.

The Colony has received orders and conducted discussions with the Empire via the Ansible, a method of communication which can move information faster than light. As the most talented and savvy citizens, you have risen to positions of power: bureaucrats, businessmen, clergy. You are the Power Players of Blogia.

But suddenly, the Ansible has gone dark. Nothing coming in, no response going out. It is unclear whether technical failure, invasion, or sabotage is to blame. Without the Ansible, citizens must now use the antiquated Net for communication. More gravely, without contact with the Empire, the colony’s balance of power has begun to disintegrate. Now the real games begin. Who will control Blogia?

Replace Musician with Player. Replace Frontman with Net. Repeal all dynastic rules except “Koen’s Band”.

Flavour: Ground rules (please avoid these so I can avoid vetoes): Randomness, actions which don’t sync with the 72 deployment cycle anything involving Zinedine Zidane.

Proposal: Blogia
Retitle the rule “Koen’s Band” as “The Net Is Not a Player”.

Create a new rule entitled “Resources” that reads:
“Each Player has the following Resources as integers tracked in the GNDT that default to 0: Credits, Councilmen, and Marines.

Create a new rule entitled “Deployment” that reads:
“At anytime, any player may send the Net an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) listing how they are deploying their resources between the Institutions. If players send the net multiple deployments, only their last deployment will be considered valid.”

Create a new rule entitled “Resolution” that reads:
“Every 72 hours, strating from the first 0000 UTC after the creation of this rule, deployments are resolved.

First, each institution is resolved in the order listed in the rule Institutions. If any player deploys any Marines to an insitution, the player who deployed the most Marines influences it. Otherwise, the player that deploys the most Credits to an institution influences it. If no player deploys any Marines or Credits to an institution, or their is a tie, no player influences it. When a player wins an Institution, they lose the items they deployed and undergo the effects described in the rule Institutions; all other deployments are returned to their owners.

Then, players restock. Each player earns 1 Credit for each institution they deployed resources tobut did not win.”

Create a new rule entitled “Institutions”, reading:
“The following Institutions operate in Blogia:

The Mine: When a player influences the Mine, they gain 5 Power.
The Council: When a player influences the Council, they gain 1 Power and 1 Councilman.
The Legion: When a player influences the Legion, they gain 2 Power and 1 Marine.”

Create a new rule “The End” which reads:
‘At the end of the game, first, the player with the most Councilmen gains one tenth of the total amount of Power owned by all other players combined.

Then, the player with the most Power wins.”

Give each player 3 Credits”

Flavour : This introduces the central mechanics - Deployment and Institutions. Expand and play!”

I wanted to get input before posting formally late tonight, as not many were on IRC. Please let me know your thoughts, preferably thoughts that are more than “eh, the idea doesn’t seem that great to me do something totally different.”



03-16-2012 17:47:14 UTC

Seems nice, though I think you know that the rules part doesn’t belong in the AA

Clucky: HE/HIM

03-17-2012 01:17:33 UTC

Comment the First: Use the internal PM system, not gmail

Comment the Second: Probably want the resources to be non-negative

Comment the third: Need to clarify how deployment works. Point out that it resets each 72 period, etc…

Comment the 4th: Not sure this is needed yet. Without defining “the end of the game” it’ll just be confusing.


03-17-2012 02:37:00 UTC

1. I suppose that would be fine, I thought email might be easier.

2. Sounds good.

3. Ok, do you have a suggestion as to the wording?

4. The point here is to both allow for end of game effects, like the Council, and state from the beginning what the goal is.