Monday, March 22, 2010

Raiding, attempt 2

The following Commoners Raided last week: Anonyman (x2), Darth Cliche (x2), Josh, Keba (x2), Purplebeard (x2), Put (x2), for a total of 11 Commoner’s worth of combat potential. As a result, the raid succeeds; one share of the proceeds is 18 Wood, 18 Caffeine, 4 Gems, but all but Josh get a double share (36 Wood, 36 Caffeine, 8 Gems).

Treasury for this week has been set; I need much more coal to power my Enormous Hadron Supercollider in Norfolk, so I’m diverting a huge shipment there. 1000 Coal in the Treasury this week, but I’m upping the Guard Level to 15.

The Commoners again amassed, this time in another deserted factory to avoid detection. Although smaller in number, they had better weapons and better armour, so this time when they rode out against the guards, despite being outnumbered they managed to take the guards down between them.
But it was a decoy; looking inside the cart, all they could find were a few lumps of quartz, and some bored-looking guards sipping tea, who hastily ran away. Furious, they stole the quartz and the tea, and then hacked the wooden cart to pieces for raw materials for their inventions, or possibly just to burn into Charcoal. Maybe not the mahogany they were hoping for, but hey, wood’s wood.



03-22-2010 13:20:27 UTC

Nice :)

I assume, I will raid this week again. But depends on others this time.

But I suggest to put less Coal and more other Resources into the Treasury.

Using the new Workshop, a Raider gains 330 Coal, that’s not nice because of his Coal Cap. (and even with a Coal Hopper you should not have much Coal before Raiding).

According to the Part “Retort” (7 Coal = 1 Wood), this is equal to 47 Wood.

If you improve your Guard Level by nearly 100%, you should also double the Amounts of Resources or at least you should not decrease the Amounts.


03-24-2010 19:48:00 UTC

I might raid, but I won’t be able to get the Raiding Fortress. I’ll wait and see who else wants to raid.


03-24-2010 19:51:18 UTC

I probably won’t raid.