Saturday, April 18, 2015

Story Post: Review with the word Review in the title ... TWICE

After hearing so much about the new Restaurant managed by mideg, Bruce Haggis urged the manager to invite him as next Reviewer, and thus it was decided. He was quoted; “Whatever that grumpy old Moody fella doesn’t like cannot be that bad!”, right before explaining exactly how much Sourness a, quote, “proper meal” should include, namely 4.

The long expected food tasting of Antonio Fusili went rather well - at least compared to last weeks experience.
His course started with Kevans “Soup of the Day”. While not receiving any stars, it was not bad as a starter, receiving a rating of + + + + -. When it was tasted by the other Cooks, it was agreed upon that its Properties were (Sweetness 3, Sourness 0, Umami 3, Spicyness 5, Vegetarian).

Then, Fusili continued to sample Explotos “Some Kind of Icarus”. He could barely hold it in, giving it a + - - - -. Properties: (Sweetness 4, Sourness 0, Umami 3, Spicyness 10)

Brendans “Warsh Rowboat” was up next and was later named winner of the day with a rating of * + + - -. Brendan was very happy to taste its Properties, (Sweetness 8, Sourness 7, Umami 7, Spicyness 2, Vegetarian)

The Reviewer was a little sceptical about the Sting included in Elys “The One-Bee Sting”, but it was less painfull then expected and received a + + + + -. Ely was a little surprised to find meat in there - bee meat? Its Properties were (Sweetness 6, Sourness 4, Umami 10, Spicyness 4).



18-04-2015 10:25:45 UTC

Disclaimer: I edited this Review to make the ratings more readable. I did not check wether that was legal…. :}

Kevan: he/him

18-04-2015 11:21:21 UTC

It’s legal: “If no Cook has commented on it, or if the only comments on it begin with “Note:” and contain no voting icons, an official post may be altered or removed by its author”

Kevan: he/him

18-04-2015 11:57:22 UTC

“Burning Sun”

Boy with Hedgehog x1
Coy Sun x2
Shiny Shoes x1

Chop the Boy with Hedgehog and arrange artfully on plate.
Reduce a Coy Sun until it changes colour, then pour over.
Garnish with slices of Shiny Shoes.
Use blow torch on highest setting.
Sprinkle with remaining Coy Sun while still ablaze.


18-04-2015 18:38:44 UTC

Wait - how’s it possible for Kev’s Soup of the Day to get 4 Pluses? It is lacking in the Sourness department (0<1), so it can get 3 Pluses at most. What am I missing?


18-04-2015 22:34:33 UTC

Oh darn, Ely, you are right, I mixed up to lines in my little helper tool.

Sorry. Now, according to Kevan I cannot edit it anymore. Shall I just publish the correct Rating here?


19-04-2015 05:42:59 UTC

“Spiky Sphere”

Coy Sun x1
Boy With Hedgehog x2
Metled Cube x1
Blushing Fork x1

1. Drain the first Boy with Hedgehog and put it in a bowl.
2. Sprinkle one Coy Sun over the contents of that bowl.
3. Fry the contents of the bowl until the hedehog gains a blueish tint. As this is frying, sprinkle in the other Boy With Hedgehog.
4. Sprinkle the Shouting Man into the pan.
5. Thread a fine piece of Twine through the food and put it on a plate.
6. Garnish with Blushing Fork.


19-04-2015 06:20:37 UTC

Or shall I make a CfJ


19-04-2015 11:11:50 UTC

a cfj might be in order, both to solve this case and to decide what happens in case of any future errors.

‘Negroni sbagliato’
3 melted cubes
add 3 melted cubes.


19-04-2015 13:28:50 UTC

Well Kevan tends to shy away from CfJs unless there is a full on conflict (which I wouldn’t say there’s a conflict right now, as no one’s really stated their opinion), so don’t make a CfJ yet.

For what its worth, I think you should post corrections in a post to the main blog (not an actual new review but someplace on the home page). I think it can be interpreted from the rules that a correction would be the true rating (yes it takes some interesting interpretation but ease-of-use trumps literal translations in my opinion).


19-04-2015 16:42:30 UTC

OK, I will handle this like this. I will not correct the rating, but everyone will know by now that the rating was erronous and hopefully the impacts of this error are not really big, since no points whatsoever are or would have been gained by this.

The only loss is information about the Reviewer, but that is lost for all Cooks equally.

If anyone wants to attack this decision, they should state their opinion and then an CfJ can be made.

I wil ltry to come up with a rule that handles these kinds of mistakes, but if anyone wants to volunteer one, feel free. :-)


20-04-2015 09:22:34 UTC

“Vinegar Volcano 2.0”

Shouting Man x1
The Bee x1
Coy Sun x1

Sprinkle a unit of The Bee in a pan.
Carefully sprinkle on it a vial of Coy Sun.
Warning! The resulting reaction will generate a lot of heat - Make sure to wear your Oven Glove(s)!
As soon as it stops making sparkles, garnish with Shouting Man.


20-04-2015 16:43:54 UTC

“Science Soufflé”

Coy Sun x1
String of Numbers x2
Melted Cube X1

Add one Coy Sun
Reduce with two Strings of Numbers
Garnish with Melted Cube

Brendan: he/him

20-04-2015 17:15:09 UTC

“Soup of the Night”

Melted Cube x 2
Girl On Bicycle x 1
Shiny Shoes x 1

Add 2 Melted Cube. Add 1 Girl on Bicycle. Garnish with Shiny Shoes.

Brendan: he/him

20-04-2015 19:49:12 UTC

“Soup of the Night (Reprise)”

The Bee x 1
Shiny Shoes x 1
Girl on Bicycle x 1

Sprinkle The Bee. Add 1 Shiny Shoes, Garnish with Girl on Bicycle.

Brendan: he/him

20-04-2015 19:50:32 UTC

“Soup of the Night (One More Time)”

The Bee x 1
Shiny Shoes x 1
Girl on Bicycle x 1

Sprinkle 1 The Bee. Add 1 Shiny Shoes. Garnish with 1 Girl on Bicycle.