Friday, June 15, 2012

Story Post: Revolution

I instigate a Revolution, naming myself as the player to lead the next Dynasty.

Since every other Rebel Player (there are none) has responded in the positive, the (nonexistent) Time Buddha (nê Emperor) is immediately deposed and a new Dynasty begins.

...I will call a CfJ with more detailed arguments, but I should have been asleep long ago and I just spent like 3.5 hours sorting this all out (including reconstructing 3 dynasties’ rulesets from proposals), so I will wait until tomorrow.  The basic idea is that nothing states that “Gamestate Mapping” does not apply to Dynasty 100 or 101, so the Dynasty field should be tracked in generic field 1; I used that to switch to Dynasty 3 without having to get lucky.  Since this is an early dynasty, I was able to become Emperor without actually declaring victory as forbidden by “Unblocking Chakras”.

(I am too tired to figure out a way to start a Hiatus.)


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-15-2012 09:13:57 UTC

Again: Time Monks are only “subject to the Dynastic Rules” of the Dynasty they occupy, and since Dynasty 3 pre-dates the concept and has no Dynastic Rules, you aren’t (until the Time Buddha makes a blog post defining which of its rules are Dynastic) able to use any of them.


06-15-2012 09:16:33 UTC

I disagree, but I am going to go to bed and start the argument tomorrow. ;p