Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proposal: Schedule, The Final Classdown

Fails 0-5. — Quirck

Adminned at 27 Sep 2012 01:22:12 UTC

Enact a new rule called “Classes” with the following text:

A Class is a named list of Tasks possibly having Punishments attached. Existing Classes are listed at wiki page [[Class List]], each Class occupying its own section bearing the Name of the Class.

A Class shall have a Name that is different from all other Class’ names and doesn’t contain non-alphanumeric characters.

A Class may specify requirements for its storing, clearing, or Performing.

A Class may have up to 3 Tasks. Each Task specifies actions that are to be taken upon Performing the Task.

A Task may have a Punishment attached to it describing actions that occur in case of the Task not being Performed.

Tasks and Punishments may not directly:
* modify the amount of Students’ Projects;
* allow Students to achieve victory.

A Class can be Performed. When a Student Performs a Class, they should Perform every Task in the Class by carrying out the actions specified in the Task.  A Student Performing a Class is referred to as the Learner in the Class’ text.

Create a Wiki page “Class List” unless it already exists, and blank it.

Ok.  This is it.  The finished product.  No Self-killing.  Coming to you in 3 easy steps.  Step 1: Classes.
(To see/help the work in progress, go here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CqfNp1Ea5Ypu-NijufMERa249pkMGDeoTlelp-Qpj40/edit )



09-25-2012 13:56:46 UTC

It seems like the appropriate place to store classes is the Ruleset.


09-25-2012 13:58:14 UTC



09-25-2012 14:33:22 UTC



09-25-2012 18:27:59 UTC

for  arrow
Slightly worried about “occur in case of the Task not being Performed” since most of the time tasks are not being performed.


09-25-2012 18:37:01 UTC

@Bucky, I was thinking wiki because I wanted Class to be dynamic.  Obviously there would have to be regulations surrounding it, but the Ruleset seems too firm.  IMO.
Do I need to vote?  Just in case:


09-25-2012 18:44:30 UTC

Tee, “if the author of a Votable Matter has not used a valid voting icon in a comment to the post, then the author’s Vote is FOR”


09-25-2012 19:24:12 UTC

against Actually, CoV, there’s a scam here, and it’s pretty much a core one, so I wouldn’t want to use it myself.

The problem is that Class List isn’t gamestate - the ruleset doesn’t “regulate the alteration” of it - so anyone can edit it as soon as it exists. Tasks don’t let you do anything you couldn’t do anyway, but it’s trivial to make “win the game” as a Punishment.

(“Tasks and Punishments may not directly [...] allow Students to achieve victory.” is, I’m afraid, ineffective, as a Punishment could simply repeal that clause before letting someone win.)


09-25-2012 22:45:32 UTC

against  per Kevan, pending a full rules lawyer investigation.


09-26-2012 07:17:45 UTC

Kevan’s right. CoV against

It’s simple enough to fix - change “Existing Classes are listed at wiki page” to “New Classes are added to wiki page” - but by the current wording this proposal doesn’t set out any means by which the wiki page can be changed, and therefore isn’t regulating alteration. It’s a big enough hole that it’s worth patching before this passes.


09-26-2012 12:20:48 UTC

against CoV per Kevan


09-27-2012 01:43:28 UTC

against per Kevan. Reaching current Quorum.

What does CoV stands for? (and why such a rucurring term isn’t in the Glossary?)


09-27-2012 01:55:02 UTC

(Actually, not reaching Quorum, as I counted Kevan twice.)


09-27-2012 06:48:26 UTC

Change of Vote. It’s on the oft-ignored BlogNomic Jargon page.