Friday, December 14, 2007

Skirmish the 4th: The Final Chapter

Clucky wins an Artistry Skirmish with a Skirmish Rating of 18 (Chivalrybean 12, aaronwinborn 10, Amnistar Jack and spikebrennan 4, lots of zeroes, Yoda and Rodlen negative, Bahro -25) even though the expected artistic assistance from Heimdall was absent.
Abe Lincoln becomes female.
Emperor Norton causes Bahro to lose a single Acorn.
Interference from Frigg (making demands on Jack) and Heimdall (assisting Clucky) are not enough to prevent Ragnar Lodbrok from successfully bullying Clucky into surrendering half of the Acorn prize to Jack.
William Jennings Bryan and Bill Gates (both owned by Bahro!) are tied for the lowest Artistry, with -10 each (after accounting for a whopping -6 penalty due to Thor), so no Einherjar go to Folkvangr.


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