Friday, August 03, 2018

Proposal: Symbolic Extension

Became unpopular 5 to 1. Failed by Derrick.

Adminned at 03 Aug 2018 16:33:45 UTC

Add a new rule titled “Math”

In the GNDT, numbers with 10 or more digits can be represented with a limited subset of mathematical notation. Standard order of operations apply. Valid operations and their symbols are as follows
* additon +
* subtraction -
* multiplication *
* division /
* exponentiation ^
* factorial !
Parenthesis are also acceptable.
For those unfamiliar with factorial, n factorial is equal to the product of all the numbers less than or equal to n. In notation this is n! = n * (n-1)!. 0! is defined as equaling 1.
The following form of scientific notation may also be used: “XeY” where X is a positive decimal number and Y is a positive integer equal to or greater than the number of digits past the decimal point in X. The number represented by the notation is (X * 10 ^ Y).



08-03-2018 03:29:01 UTC

why the hell would we do this? can’t we just use scientific notation?


08-03-2018 03:36:12 UTC

[9spaceking] ah that’s something i forgot. I’ll include the shorthand for scientific notation with e. Also scientific notation is great for numbers with lots of zeros but representing
2000000001 as 2.000000001e10 isn’t as compact as 2e10 + 1.


08-03-2018 03:44:42 UTC

err e9, not e10


08-03-2018 03:55:58 UTC

can we get up-arrow support too? :P for


08-03-2018 04:14:54 UTC

[Jumble] you’re free to make a proposal for it but I’m not actually certain we’ll get to use this rule too often. I have a feeling that people are going to be adverse to making proposals that allow unbounded actions.


08-03-2018 08:00:21 UTC

against A GNDT full of complex mathematical notation isn’t my idea of fun. Per my comments elsewhere, I’d be happier if stats stayed around the low, readable level and occasionally flipped to “infinite” when something amazing happened.


08-03-2018 08:32:07 UTC



08-03-2018 10:38:43 UTC

against A GNDT full of math is my idea of fun, but I don’t think it’s necessary to have a primer about it in the Ruleset


08-03-2018 13:32:34 UTC

against I agree with pokes. Though allowing various functions as rewards seems interesting.


08-03-2018 15:50:13 UTC

[pokes] i wanted to have it be more limited than allowing all mathematical functions, which can be confusing to anyone