Friday, February 22, 2008

Proposal: “Take my money, just don’t shoot!”

timed out, final vote 1-3—Yoda

Adminned at 23 Feb 2008 20:06:05 UTC

If the proposal “Let’s Try This Again…” passes, add a paragraph to the end of the subrule “Robbery” with the following text:

If a Player challenges another Player to a shootout and the challenged Player declines or fails to respond within 72 hours, the challenger may take money from the challenged Player (as prescribed in the preceding paragraph) as if the challenged Player was wounded in the shootout and the challenger was not.



02-22-2008 05:45:23 UTC

Nah.  against


02-22-2008 13:05:25 UTC

Nope, sorry! against


02-23-2008 03:19:49 UTC

against Its a case of not showing up so how would ya get money from someone thats not in front of ya lol