Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Proposal: Vote for my Corrected Proposal to Correct my Proposal Voting Correction Proposal

Enacted 16-1 (5 DEFs falling to Ienpw). Ienpw.

Adminned at 07 May 2010 07:05:33 UTC

Part 1:
Rename Rule 1.5 (presently entitled “Enactment”) to “Resolution of Proposals”.  In that rule, change the phrase “passed or failed” to “enacted or failed”

Part 2
Rewrite Rule 1.4 in its entirety to read as follows:

Any Voter may cast his Vote on a Votable Matter by making a comment to the official post that comprises that Votable Matter using a voting icon of FOR, AGAINST, DEFERENTIAL (only if the Votable Matter is a Proposal), or VETO (only if the Votable Matter is a Proposal and the Voter is the Returning Officer).

In the case of a Propsoal, If the Voter who made the Proposal has not cast a Vote on it, his Vote is counted as FOR. If a Voter uses more than one Voting Icon in comments on a Votable Matter, his Vote is the last voting icon he uses. If a Voter leaves the game or goes Idle, his Vote is no longer valid. If a Voter votes against his own Proposal, that vote may not be changed. This is referred to as a Self-Kill.

A Vote of DEFERENTIAL is a vote of no opinion, or of faith in the decision of the Returning Officer. The vote will count as the same as the Returning Officer’s Vote. If the Returning Officer casts a Vote of DEFERENTIAL on a Proposal, it serves the purpose of cancelling any previous Vote on that Proposal that was cast by the Returning Officer. If there is no Returning Officer, a vote of DEFERENTIAL counts as an explicit Vote of abstention.

If no Returning Officer has voted on a Proposal, a vote of DEFERENTIAL on that proposal does not count as a vote for the purposes of rule 1.5.

Part 3:
In Rule 3.1 “Keywords”, add the following definitions:

The world “Resolve” means to perform the act, as an Admin, of enacting or failing a Proposal, a Call for Judgment or a Declaration of Victory.  The world “Resolution” means the act of doing so.

Votable Matter
The word “Votable Matter”, means a Proposal, a CFJ or a DoV.

The word “Vote”, used as a noun, means a Vote that is cast in accordance with Rule 1.4 “Voting”.  The word “Vote”, used as a verb, means the act of casting such a Vote.

Part 4:
In the definition of “Effective Vote Comment (EVC)” in Rule 3.1 (“Keywords”), replace the word “Adminned” with “Resolved”.

Part 5:
In Rule 1.6 (“Calls for Judgment”), replace the sentence:

All Voters may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons (a Voter’s later votes overriding their earlier ones).

with the sentence:

All Voters may cast Votes on that CfJ to indicate agreement or disagreement with the position taken in that CfJ.

and replace the sentence:

After this time, if more than half of the cast votes are in favour, the Gameset and Ruleset shall be amended as was specified

with the sentence:

After this time, if more than half the cast Votes are FOR Votes, the CfJ may be enacted by any Admin by updating or correcting the Gamestate and Ruleset as specified.

Part 6:
In rule 1.9 (“Victory and Ascension”), replace the word “passed” with “enacted”, the word “passes” with the phrase “is enacted”, and the phrase “a passing DoV” with the phrase “an enacted DoV” wherever they appear, and replace the sentence:

Every Voter may respond to an active DoV saying whether or not he believes the poster has achieved victory in the current Dynasty (using the FOR and AGAINST icons).

with the sentence:

Every Voter may cast Votes on that DoV to indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposition that the poster has achieved victory in the current Dynasty.

Part 7:
Throughout the ruleset, capitalize all instances of the words “Vote”, “Voted” and “Votes”




05-05-2010 20:47:59 UTC

Nice.  for


05-05-2010 20:50:16 UTC

against  SEVEN PARTS.


05-05-2010 20:56:50 UTC

[Darth] Generally, it‘s not a good idea to do a lot in one Proposal, right. I like the “A Proposal does one thing and does this well” terminology. But I agree to spikebrennan, this could not be divided into several Proposals, it is one Topic. Besides, this does nothing, it only clears up a lot.

So what‘s the Problem?

Ienpw III:

05-05-2010 21:53:39 UTC

for  for I was planning to propose what was effectively this.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-05-2010 21:59:46 UTC



05-05-2010 22:28:13 UTC

@Keba: I’m okay with a lot in one proposal. I don’t like how he divides it into “parts”.


05-06-2010 00:06:49 UTC



05-06-2010 00:07:19 UTC

Darth- that’s a profoundly silly objection.

Darknight: HE/HIM

05-06-2010 00:16:39 UTC



05-06-2010 05:15:41 UTC



05-06-2010 06:06:29 UTC

for cleared up the issue in my mind about if the person who made the proposal counts as a vote for or if it didnt count at all.


05-06-2010 08:04:40 UTC


Josh: HE/HIM

05-06-2010 08:37:43 UTC



05-06-2010 08:40:41 UTC

against This just got somewhat more complicated and we’ll all need to comb through this for possible loopholes… which i can’t do at this exact moment.


05-06-2010 10:03:45 UTC



05-06-2010 18:21:17 UTC

for The wording could be arraigned better, but overall I am OK with this.


05-06-2010 19:14:30 UTC



05-06-2010 21:20:45 UTC


Jumblin McGrumblin:

05-07-2010 00:25:33 UTC


Jumblin McGrumblin:

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05-07-2010 13:42:36 UTC

imperial  CoV