Friday, December 11, 2009

Proposal: Delegation


Adminned at 12 Dec 2009 12:59:38 UTC

Create a new subrule to “Power and Corruption” (if it exists), named “Delegation”, reading as follows:

An Adventurer may reduce their own Power by any positive amount to increase another Adventurer’s Power by that amount, unless this would reduce their own Power below 0.

This djinasty is likely to involve a lot of “bribing” the Djinn (by asking for wishes); let’s be able to bribe each other, too.



12-11-2009 15:40:22 UTC

Sounds great! Especially with the new rule I plan to have that increases your Corruption when you gain power, but not when you lose it. I’ll add a special clause to this rule that both players gain corruption in this case (taking and recieving bribes).  for


12-11-2009 15:46:05 UTC

I tried to edit this into a non-proposal when I noticed it depended on a non-proposal, but Wak’s comment came while I was doing that, so I’ve edited it back into a proposal. against  s/k because the queue means this will have no effect even if it passes.


12-11-2009 21:59:47 UTC

Can repropose it now ais lol