Saturday, November 08, 2008

Proposal: Democratic War Council

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Adminned at 09 Nov 2008 21:14:44 UTC

Create a new rule “War Council”:

The Patriarch may initiate a War Council by creating a story post whose title starts with “War Council”. All Clansmen are therefore invited to participate in a debate to decide which Clansmen shall be elected as Champions to fight for their clan by posting comments to the War Council post. At any time after 48 hours, the Patriarch may decide to end the Council and post a resolution which will name 2 Clansmen, known therefore as the Champions. To determine who those 2 Champions will be, the Patriarch shall count the number and types of “votes” placed on the War Council post. Rules for vote placing and counting are handled as follow:

* Each Clansmen has one Go Vote and one No Go Vote.
* Go Votes are represented with the FOR voting icon and No Go Votes with the AGAINST icon.
* For a Go or No Go Vote to be valid, it must be posted as a comment and directly followed by exactly the name of one Clansmen.
* Only the first of this kinds of votes is valid on the War Council (Clansmen may not change their mind).
* Both the Go and No Go Votes may be placed on the same comment.
* A Clansmen may not place a No Go vote for a Clansmen named on er own Go Vote, and viceversa.
* When tallied, the original votes of Clan Lords have twice the weight (they are counted as two votes instead of one).
* The Clansmen whose names appear after the vote is considered to “get” that vote.
* When the Patriarch ends the Council, he tallies votes each Clansmen got (Clansmen with no votes are omitted).
* Each No Go vote a Clansmen gets cancels out one Go Vote which that Clansmen got.

The 2 Clansmen who got the highest number votes become the Champions of the War Council. If more than 2 Clansmen are tied in the top spots of the tally, the Patriarch shall pick the ones with less No Go votes. If still tied, the Patriarch may choose amongst them randomly in any way he deems reasonable.

When Champions are named, the Patriarch shall create a Duel to Glorious Death. In this duel, the chosen Champions automatically become Combatants, even if they have not expressed their intention to fight. If a Clansman wins this Duel, that Clansman sets their Health to Superb and may choose any of the items the other owns and add them to their inventory (as long as that item posseses no explicit restriction that prevents them from owning it, and that the maximum number of items per inventory is not exceeded). At the end of the Duel, both Combatants cease to be Champions.

If a Clansmen flees the Duel created this way, that Clansmen takes Crushing Damage and loses half their Honor rounded up.

This version is quite more complex, but is more democratic. I use a different system than for normal voting, which allows you more flexibility for this kind of choice.



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