Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Departure Adress

Quorum is 8. I’m sorry you don’t like the theme.—Chronos

Adminned at 28 Feb 2007 03:38:05 UTC

As a prepare to leave this assembly, I wish to express my sorrow that I was forced away from the assembly for a weekend, and suddenly find myself lost among the new format of voting. As such, I find myself in such a situation that I must depart, as I find I shall only hinder any progress this assembly may make. I also find that these new changes to the method of amendment of the Ruleset to be unnecessarily complex, as the Proposal procedure, which had been sacrosanct for so long, has always served us well. Suddenly, all that I had come to expect from this fine institution had been swept away. With this in mind, I leave you now to continue as you see fit, until I find it in my heart to return to these halls. Should anything happen to bring detriment to the institution known as Blognomic, I would like to make it known, that I shall not be culpable, for when the time came to choose an Emperor, my support lay with Hix.

I thank the Iudeces for their time.

P.S. I’d like to go idle.
P.P.S. Its “a Iudex,” not “an Iudex.” The “I” in Iudex is a consonant.



02-28-2007 02:58:43 UTC

It’s a shame to see you go.  The motions strike me as more of a flavorful way of exploring a concept than anything else.


02-28-2007 03:01:47 UTC

It’s a temporary messure snowball, you plannin on commin’ back next dynasty?


02-28-2007 11:31:54 UTC

It seems you missed completely the point of this Dynasty. I don’t want to replace the Proposal system. I just wanted a procedural dynasty and thought it would be fine to have an alternative rule approval system in this dynasty.

The I is a consonant in the latin word. When it como to Englidh, you can use “an” if you want, since, in English, “I” has a vocalic sound.