Thursday, January 08, 2009

Entering the game

Hi.  I wanna be a citizen.



01-08-2009 01:51:04 UTC

...Call for Judgment wants to be a citizen now?


01-08-2009 02:10:55 UTC

HAHAHAHA! Somebody is just out to get rid of the CfJ. This is a little over the top. . . .


01-08-2009 02:12:41 UTC

This was not done by me.


01-08-2009 02:14:09 UTC

Well, banning the use of anonymous CfJs won’t stop stuff like this…what the heck?

Didn’t CfJ already try to win?


01-08-2009 02:17:07 UTC

This was posted by an actual member.  It may be grounds for banning CfJ under Rule 1.2.


01-08-2009 02:21:02 UTC

“A single person may not control more than one Citizen within BlogNomic.  If anybody is suspected of controlling more than one Citizen, then a Proposal may be made to remove any number of such Citizen from the game, and to bar the perpetrator from rejoining.”

“An Admin shall add her to the roster in the sidebar and the GNDT, at which moment he becomes a Citizen.”

Well, I don’t think any admin would actually make CfJ a citizen.  There seems to be no punishment for trying and failing to get a second citizen in to the game.

Therefore, this is not a bannable offence, just an annoying one.


01-08-2009 02:38:31 UTC

I suppose, if you really wanted to be mean, you could admit CfJ as a citizen and then ban both it and the offender. I think it might be more prudent to just tell whoever it is to stop.