Saturday, October 18, 2008

Proposal: Fair Training


Adminned at 19 Oct 2008 14:34:42 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Back to the Basics” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Create a new rule called Physical Training:

As a fortnightly action (an action that can be taken once every fortnight), a Clansmen may choose to polish some of their talents by training. To do so, they choose a Physical Stat and post a comment in the GNDT of “Training X 1DICE4” where X is the chosen stat. The results of the training depend of the result of the roll: On a 1, the chosen stat is raised 2 points but the Clansmen reduces one another of their Stats of their choice by 1. On a 2, the chosen stat is raised 1 point. On a 3, the chosen stat is raised by 1 point, and the Clansmen choses another one of their stats to increase by 1 as well. On a 4, the Clansman raises all their stats by 1 except for the chosen stat. No stat may go above 25 by training.



10-18-2008 04:17:16 UTC


“All references to time must be either specific or defined within the ruleset to be considered achievable in the gamestate.”

Fortnight is not defined within the ruleset.


10-18-2008 05:01:50 UTC

against As Yoda


10-18-2008 09:55:57 UTC

Fortnight is clearly a specific amount of time.

It lacks the “but not more than once every X hours” limitation of the Daily and Weekly actions, though. And a fortnight is a bit of a long time.



10-18-2008 12:30:24 UTC



10-18-2008 12:32:21 UTC

Per Yoda and Kevan against


10-18-2008 12:38:48 UTC

against Fortnightly grinding is little better than daily grinding. We can think of a way to increase stats that’s more than just a boring GNDT comment every GENERIC TIME PERIOD.


10-18-2008 14:55:05 UTC

against Hmm…how about we increase stats through dueling?


10-18-2008 15:02:45 UTC

against S/K maybe we can try to make this a no numbers dynasty? After, barbarians were never known for their math skillz.


10-19-2008 01:57:33 UTC

The fortnight problem could be fixed by making this a Weekly Action with the exception that it after it is performed, it cannot be performed again during the next week. Still, Rodney points out a larger problem. against


10-19-2008 01:58:50 UTC

...And i just figured out what S/K stands for.