Tuesday, August 03, 2010

First Form Filled Fully


What is your name? Coppro-R-BGN-1
What is your quest? To be transferred to sector BLN.
What is your favorite color? Mauve, no, taupe!

For what reason should The Computer process your request? Because I need to be in room 23-J of that sector by the end of the week.
Is this form treasonous because it indicates dissatisfaction with your current sector? Yes
Will you therefore allow other signatories of this form to come with you? Maybe. Depends if I like them or not.

Do you hereby acknowledge that the Computer is superior to you, and as a result give all authorized agents of the computer permission to shave your head, create a wig from your hair, and force you or anyone else to wear that wig? Yes
Your cooperation is hereby appreciated.

ADDENDUM: To what sector do you not wish to be transferred? ZQB



08-03-2010 02:19:01 UTC

arrow (I’m not sure if the primary signatory needs to explicitly sign or not. Best if I do.)


08-03-2010 07:25:04 UTC



08-03-2010 12:25:53 UTC

[coppro] “In order to post the Form, the Citizen must satisfy any requirements set out in the list of required signatories regarding the primary signatory. If he does, he automatically signs the Form when he posts it.” You don‘t need to do that.


08-05-2010 19:33:42 UTC


Ienpw III:

08-05-2010 20:22:47 UTC



08-05-2010 20:39:47 UTC



08-05-2010 22:19:07 UTC

This is TREASON!