Saturday, May 23, 2009

[Flavour] Filming

[Slightly toned-down title sequence; the rough edges indicate it was clearly modified in a hurry.]
Welcome back to this double episode of Reality TV! Today, we bring you footage from the gym and the lounge.
firefaux is busy working on the exercise bike; I’m not sure if he’s being public-spirited and helping us to generate electricity, or just looking for something to sit on. smith is trying to play single-player table tennis whilst reciting the digits of pi; he’s obviously getting a lot of exercise running round and round the table, although the ball keeps falling off. yuri_dragon_17 is on the rowing machine; it seems as though he’s had a rough day, and is trying to calm down.
Meanwhile, in the lounge, many of the contestants are sitting on the sofa chatting. Kevan is busy staring into a camera; wait, that’s the cameraman [camera turns around to point in the correct direction]. Ah, that’s better. Kevan is busy staring into the camera run, trying to figure out where the cameras are. spikebrennan is busy discussing poetry with Yoda; spikebrennan’s poetry sounds beautiful, but it’s Japanese so I don’t understand it, and Yoda seems to be into nonsense verse, which is actually rather soothing to listen to. Devenger is sitting on his own; many of the other contestants seem rather suspicious of him. Maybe he’ll be the first to be voted out. tuxhedoh is there too, I know people were trying to persuade him to vote for Devenger earlier, but I’m not sure if he was convinced.
Ah, the first Challenge has been announced, the topic of conversation’s changed now. We’ve installed a big red button for people to press so that they can chicken out; everyone’s ignoring it for the time being, but no doubt we’ll see many presses of it later. And here’s a new contestant arriving; welcome Clucky! Whoops, look at the time, we have to go.
See you next time!

Yes, this post is for yesterday too.



05-23-2009 23:49:29 UTC

Dang, I’ll never get any Fame.