Thursday, May 21, 2009


Kevan, you think you can fix FRUIT in the GNDT so that it black-highlights as well? Feel free to add more fruit types too, can never have too many fruits.



05-21-2009 16:25:17 UTC

Done, at length.

Relatedly, does anyone know why is being so slow these days? I can’t see anything unexpected running on the server, but don’t have access to the access logs. Nobody’s set anything up to heavily scrape the site, recently, or anything?


05-21-2009 17:02:47 UTC

Yeah, it’s extremely slow for me too.


05-21-2009 17:03:13 UTC

is the graphic in the header uncommonly big, or something?


05-21-2009 19:49:57 UTC

I just thought it was the 23 people loading the page throughout the day combined with loading all the posts.  It seems to not be quite as slow loading a proposal page compared to loading the main page if that makes sense.


05-21-2009 19:53:33 UTC

23 regular visitors shouldn’t slow a site that much.

I assume the little number at the bottom of each page is how many seconds it took to render it on the server side, so something heavy’s going on. I’ll give 75th Trombone a nudge if I can’t get to the bottom of it.


05-21-2009 20:48:35 UTC

I know a way to speed it up (considerably), but at the cost of ease… I can make the front page only display the last, say, 4 days’ posts instead of the last 8. Should I do so?

Also, we ma want to wikify everything not from this dynasty instead of have it in the archive section… that probably adds to the slowness greatly.


05-21-2009 21:16:10 UTC

It must be something that’s changed recently; it’s been chugging along for years happily enough (and it’s happening on every page, for me, not just the front one).

The site’s loading must faster now, anyway - down to under 4 seconds to render a page, rather than the 20 it was taking a few hours ago. Possibly a ruthless search-engine spider has been hammering the server too hard.


05-21-2009 21:17:19 UTC

@Wakukee: leaving things in the archive shouldn’t noticeably slow down the site unless it has bad indexes. You might want to wikify the things there as well as a backup, but leaving the originals would be useful.


05-21-2009 23:09:17 UTC

Ah, talking to 75th, it’s a wider Dreamhost issue. More information at