Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Proposal: Get Your Trigger Fingers Ready

self-killed, final vote 0-6—Yoda

Adminned at 27 Feb 2008 19:52:11 UTC

Part 1:

Add $30 (ante) to each Seated Player’s money statistic.  Add each Player’s TBTH amount to his money statistic.  Set each Player’s TBTR and TBTH statistic to $0.  Set ThePot’s money statistic to $0.

Part 2:

All previous shootout challenges and Train Posts are considered null.

Part 3:

A shootout tournament starts that includes all active Players who do not include the text “leave me out” in his comment to this post (called “participants”).  No Player who makes such a comment can achieve victory.  The first round of the tournament shall commence as follows:

The first participant listed in the GNDT shall challenge the second participant listed in the GNDT; the third participant listed in the GNDT shall challenge the fourth participant listed in the GNDT; and so on.  If there is an odd number of participants, a DICEX (where X is the number of participants in this round) will be rolled in the GNDT.  The corresponding participant (counting down in the GNDT) will not be participate in this round.  All participants who are challenged to a shootout will automatically accept that challenge.  All Players who are wounded are robbed by the Player who wounded him and cease to be participants.

Each successive round of the tournament shall be done in the same manner as the first round.  After each round, the remaining participants’ money statistics are analyzed to determine if any one Player meets any of the victory conditions.  If not, the next round commences.



02-27-2008 04:04:35 UTC


As I stated before, the Dynasty can end on its own with the current rules.


02-27-2008 14:09:02 UTC



02-27-2008 22:02:25 UTC



02-27-2008 22:12:43 UTC



Maybe a string of trains would be fun though, any maybe two groups fighting over the train.


02-28-2008 00:17:31 UTC



02-28-2008 03:51:18 UTC

against s/k since this seems to be picking back up again (hopefully)