Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GNDT log cleaning

The GNDT log hasn’t been archived since the start of my previous dynasty.  Would Kevan (or someone else who knows how) kindly back it up and clear it?



11-04-2009 21:12:39 UTC

Afraid I mislaid the server password a while ago, so don’t have access. For someone who does have access: I think you just need to blank the blognomic.log (or blog.log?) file in the GNDT folder. I don’t recall whether the GNDT can cope with it being deleted, or if it needs to be an existent but empty file.


11-06-2009 04:49:37 UTC

We used to just move it, so we could have access. 

Kevan: if you have a secure channel I can give you the password again.

I’ll sort it out as soon as I can.  Likely tonight around 1 AEST.