Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proposal: Let’s get some skills adde

reached a quorum, final vote 7-0—Yoda

Adminned at 18 Jul 2008 07:55:31 UTC

Create the following as sub-rules of the Dynastic rule “Skills”

Bravery with the text:

Bravery represents an Adventurers ability to overcome fear.

Reveling with the text

Reveling represents an Adventurers ability to make merry with townsfolk (or monsters) through drinking, loud singing, and other such activities.

Thievery with the text:

Thievery represents an Adventurers ability to find and disable traps, take items from others without being noticed and pick locks on doors and treasure chests.

Combat with the text:

Combat represents an Adventurers ability to fight monsters successfully.

Magic with the text:

Magic represents an Adventurers knowledge and mastery of the Arcane arts.

Religion with the text:

Religion represents an Adventurers knowledge of, and favor with, the gods.



07-16-2008 16:24:11 UTC

for I was actually thinking of having each class have its own subset of skills, but 1) that would be too much word and 2) this is just fine.


07-16-2008 16:24:29 UTC

work, not word…


07-16-2008 16:30:37 UTC

Perhaps classes (like races) grant a bonus to certain skills and penalties to others while using them?


07-16-2008 17:16:56 UTC

You’re just full of great ideas.  Why don’t you start working on that?


07-16-2008 17:23:01 UTC

FFR: This is a daytime proposal.


07-16-2008 17:36:50 UTC

I’ve already got 2 proposals in the works.

I’ve actually thought of something better.

Increased/decreased cost to leveling up skills based on class.


07-16-2008 17:38:54 UTC

Also, whenever someone decides to put skills to use?  Skill use should IMHO, be a combinsation of Skill and Attribute.


07-16-2008 18:08:44 UTC

I like bonuses as opposed to changes in cost.  Just like race has attribute bonuses, class should have skill bonuses.  Then, we can have more advanced classes giving better skill bonuses.

We can also make overall level be a formula that encompasses combat-related skills and attributes.


07-16-2008 18:11:35 UTC

Also, I was thinking that we could make it to where when an adventurer “levels up” on their overall level, they get attribute points (about 3/2 times the number of attributes) to spread however they choose with some restrictions, such as lesser attributes (the lower half) can never exceed greater attributes (the greater half).  Does that even remotely make sense?


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