Sunday, February 18, 2007

Proposal: Let’s kick this pig

Timed out and failed, 2-4. Josh

Adminned at 20 Feb 2007 08:48:24 UTC

Add a new rule, entitled “Paparazzi”:

The location of the Paparazzi is tracked in the GNDT. All Actors in the same location as the Paparazzi temporarily gain 1 Fame; this fame is lost when the Paparazzi move to a new location. The Paparazzi may have their location changed by any Actor at any time, so long as any one of the following conditions are met:

*The Paparazzi can always be moved to a location where an Actor has gained a Gossip Story in the last 24 hours;
*The Paparazzi can always be moved to the location that corresponds with the current day of the week:
LA - Monday
New York - Tuesday
Tokyo - Wednesday
Mumbai - Thursday
Vancouver - Friday
Hong Kong - Saturday
Machu Picchu - Sunday
*The Paparazzi may be moved to any location, so long as it has not been moved within the previous 24 hours.

However, moving the Paparazzi may never violate one of the following restrictions:

*The Paparazzi may never be in Liverpool
*The Paparazzi may never be moved to the same location as the Actor who moved them there

Set the Paparazzi up in the GNDT and set their location to LA. Adjust the fame of all Actors in LA accordingly.



02-18-2007 16:09:29 UTC

The presence of Paparazzi actually changes Fame values?  The GNDT log is going to be a mess.


02-19-2007 04:14:33 UTC

Rather than effect the value of fame directly, perhaps their presence acts as an enhancer toward fame gains…and perhaps it also gains an enhanced bonus to the chances of getting a gossip story?

against But I like the basic idea


02-19-2007 08:04:35 UTC

Love the idea, but make it effectivly 1 higher. or do what amnistar said.  against


02-19-2007 09:42:23 UTC

Amnistar, that would defeat the purpose of the proposal, which is to get people started on acquiring fame so that they can undertake some of these game actions. In other words, not a long-term effector of fame, but a catalyst to get the game started.


02-19-2007 15:04:05 UTC

against effectively 1 higher would be nice.


02-19-2007 15:49:11 UTC

I like it, it will get the game aspect of this started, at least.


02-19-2007 19:05:08 UTC