Friday, December 11, 2009

Mach II

Create a new rule Entitled “Wish Fulfillment” reading:

Each Adventurer (as well as the Djinn) has a value for the statistic “Wishes”, which is tracked in the GNDT. An Adventurer may never have less than 0 wishes. Each Adventurer starts with 3 Wishes, and the Djinn starts with a Wishes value of -. An adventurer may “Make a Wish” by PMing the Djinn. His message should have a title of “I wish”, and contain a single wish. The Djinn Must look at each wish and a) determine whether or not he will grant the wish, and, if he decides to grant the wish, b) reduce the Wishes of the adventurer who made the wish by 1 and perform the results of the wish. A player may not make a wish if his wishes are not greater than 0. The Djinn is allowed to take certain actions only when it is requested to do so by the ruleset. These actions are listed on the list below.

The Djinn may do the following only when it is wished that he does so:
- Undo any game action not covered in the core rules which was less than 24 hour ago. For all purposes except the actual effect of said action, the action is considered to have been performed, and any cost/penalty for performing the action is still assessed. I.E. If the action was a weekly action, it may not be performed again until a new week has begun, and if the action enabled a second action to be taken, that action can still be taken (or it it had already been taken, it still counts). This can also be undone by another wish.
- Change any Adventurer’s Power to any legal value for that player. This adjustment DOES count toward the player’s corruption.
- Allow an Adventurer to take a daily or weekly action an additional time in a single day/week. Other restrictions/costs still apply.

The Djinn is supposed to, to the best of his ability, grant all wishes legally requested of him by an Adventurer, but there are some wishes he will not grant. If the Djinn does not grant a wish, he is required to tell the adventurer who made said wish the reason for which the wish was not fulfilled. Wishes that will not be granted include, but are not limited to:

- Wishes for the Djinn to vote anything other than veto on any proposal, or to vote in a any specific way on any official post that is not a proposal.*
- Wishes for the Djinn to relinquish his position as Djinn or grant this position to any other player.
- Wishes to directly alter any player’s Corruption.
- Wishes to directly alter any player’s Wishes (Wishes for more wishes).
- Wishes that change the way the Djinn would normally fulfil or ignore wishes.
- Wishes that a player achieve victory.
- Wishes which contain more than one part, such as “I wish that I had 10 power and that Bucky had 0 power”, “I wish all players except me had 0 power” or “I wish that both Bucky and I had 0 Power”. (However, wishes such as “I wish ALL players (including myself) had 0 power” and “I wish that all players had the power or the player directly above them in the GNDT before this wish” are entirely valid. There is a fine line between clever and illegal wishes.)

*Yes, this means that a player may wish that the Djinn VETO a proposal, and the wish will be granted in nearly all instances.

Some Wishes simply cannot be fulfilled, thanks to their impossible/illegal nature. These wishes, such as a wish for a pony when said pony is not defined by game-state, a wish for a player to be force-idled, or a wish for a rule to be added without being proposed, will not be fulfilled and will most likely be mocked in some way shape or form. Wishes for things the Djinn is not willing to do, such as idle himself, will obviously not be fulfilled. Wishes for things which the Djinn can legally do are entirely valid, and in most cases (but not in all cases) will be fulfilled. These include wishes that the Djinn make a certain proposal (but not that he won’t self-kill it), change the color scheme, or Change the voting icons. Creativity is encouraged. Sometimes the Djinn may act unfairly. In these cases, an adventurer is not entirely powerless to the wil of the Djinn. if an Adventurer feels that a wish was denied for no valid reason, he can create a CFJ to have the wish be fulfilled anyway.”


Add a new rule entitled “Power and Corruption” which reads

Each Adventurer (as well as the Djinn) has a value for Power and a value for Corruption, each of which is Tracked in the GNDT. Each Adventurer begins with 0 Corruption and 3 Power. The Djinn starts with 666 Corruption and ∞ (infinite) Power. An Adventurer’s Power may never be less than 0 or more than 18. If an action would normally make an adventurer’s Power less than 0, it cannot be taken. If an action would normally make an adventurer’s Power greater than 18, his Corruption is instead increased by 2 and his Power remains (or is increased to) 18. An adventurer’s Corruption may never be less than 0. If an action would normally cause an adventurer’s Corruption to be less than 0, then the action cannot be taken.

Let’s try this again.



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Note that this ins’t a proposal. Doh.


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veto  veto  veto  veto  veto  veto  veto  veto