Sunday, July 24, 2011

Proposal: My Cup of tea.

Timed out/reached quorum, at 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Jul 2011 07:42:39 UTC

Add a new Dynastic Rule, called “Victory and Glory”:

The Crazy Unbelievable Possibility (also CUP) is an Entity with IconCup.png as Icon.
Whenever no Gladiator has the Weapon called “The ClingBoom Cup” and no CUP is in the Arena, a CUP may be created at E5 by any Gladiator, replacing everything placed there. If a Gladiator has been replaced in the process, he is considered to have Died, and any Gladiator who Shoved him since the last time he Stepped is awarded a Frag.
Whenever a Gladiator would move into an Arena Square containing a CUP, said CUP is first removed, the Gladiator is moved to its former Square and gains an Instance of The Cup.
Only one Gladiator may hold The Cup at any time, and only one instance of CUP may be present in the Arena at any time. A CUP and The Cup may not exist at the same time.
When the Gladiator holding The Cup Dies, an Instance of CUP is placed on the square where he met his last death, if only one exists and it is Empty.
If a Gladiator has been holding The Cup uninterruptedly through three consecutive Turn Boundaries, he achieves victory.

If any Gladiator has IconDispnsr.png as their Icon, they Die and then cease to have it as their Icon.
Change Rule “Weapons” to:

Each Gladiator may carry zero or more Weapons from the following lists - these are tracked next to the Gladiator’s name, in the Key on the Arena wiki page. New Gladiators start with no Weapons. When a Gladiator stops Fighting and begins Resting, they lose any Weapons they were carrying.
  1. Harpoon. Can be used to Attack any Gladiator who shares a row or column with the Attacker. The Attacked Gladiator dies, and the Harpoon is removed from the Attacker’s possession.
  2. Taser. Can be used to Attack any Gladiator who is adjacent to the Attacker. The Attacked Gladiator’s AP are set to zero.
  3. Acid Barrel. Can be used to Attack any Empty Arena Square which is adjacent to the Attacker. An Acid Pool is created in the Attacked square, and the Acid Barrel is removed from the Attacker’s possession.
These are some other Weapons:
  a. The ClingBoom Cup (also The Cup). Can be used once per turn to set the Attacker’s AP to 2. The use of this weapon costs 0 AP.

If the proposal “to aid an announcer” passes, change every tazer owned by a player to a mortar, and change the list entry number 2 in rule “Weapons” to:

2.  Mortar. Can be used to attack any square in the Arena.  Choose a random square in the Arena that is either the attacked square or adjacent to it.  Any Gladiator in the chosen square Dies.

If it exists, change any instance of “E5” in rule “Altar of Mayhem” to “G3”. Any Gladiator located at G3 when this proposal passes is crushed under the (re)falling Dispenser and Dies. Any Gladiator who Shoved him since the last time he Stepped is awarded a Frag.

I think I wrote enough against a Frag based system, if you want me to write some more, just vote against. :P
Changes from the previous version:
* The Cup owner gets only 5 AP’s per turn
* It might implement the Mortar (while “to aid an announcer” doesn’t)
* better wording here and there.
* the Cup gives Victory to the Gladiator who is able to keep it for trhee Turn Boundaries.



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Prince Anduril:

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Darknight: HE/HIM

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What is the “former square”?


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Good point. its (the Cup’s) previous location I meant.

Kevan: HE/HIM

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