Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proposal: Putting down roots

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 11 Mar 2010 23:55:32 UTC

If the Proposal titled “All England was divided into 39 parts…” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add another item to the list of workshops:

* Stronghold
Even the most demented of despots needs a place to call home.
Effects: A Commoner with a Stronghold may not change their County, regardless of what parts they have attached to their stronghold. However, they may charge a tax against any Commoner who occupies the same County as they do. As a weekly action, the Stronghold-owning Commoner may subtract up to 5 non-Coal Resource from each Commoner in the same County as them. If one of these Commoners does not have enough Resource to pay the tax, the Stronghold owner may “rough them up” - subtracting as much non-Coal Resource as they can and ejecting the delinquent Commoner into an adjoining County.
Requirements: The workshop must have Inventions with Armor, Hydraulics, a Governing Armature and a Thermal Borehole attached to it.

Add the following to the subrules of rule 2.2, entitled Thermal Borehole:

Cost: 10 Iron, 5 Cogs     Power Requirement: 10
A Commoner with an invention containing this part attached to their workshop may consider the Power Requirement for all inventions that they build to be 10 less, to a minimum of zero.



03-11-2010 11:45:13 UTC

imperial I love the stronghold idea, but the Thermal Borehole seems way too powerful compared to its invention costs.


03-11-2010 11:47:12 UTC

against Building a Stronghold in Dorset (the default location of new players, and old ones who have chosen not to invest in locomotion) seems rather too powerful.


03-11-2010 11:58:41 UTC

against Per Kevan


03-11-2010 13:10:35 UTC

against too powerfull.


03-11-2010 13:47:08 UTC

imperial This is clearly towards the powerful end of the scale, but I’m not convinced it’s completely broken. More than one player can start defending Dorset, so it would basically turn into Observatories mark II, and the inability to move is likely to turn into a major penalty. The Borehole’s ability on its own is OK, but probably slightly undercosted; the power requirement is fine (assuming it only affects future Inventions), but I’d like to see higher Resource costs (maybe add 10 Quicksilver in addition to the existing costs).


03-11-2010 13:49:47 UTC

CoV against due to a loophole (and the idea needs a bit of balancing, although it’s a good one); Stronghold owners in the same county can eject each other’s Strongholds into neighbouring counties, which is just bizarre (and three cooperating players could set up a loop that way, although not one that gives an advantage AFAICT and it would only work at weekly speed).


03-11-2010 14:40:40 UTC

against Self-kill - I have another idea that needs to play into this so I’ll rework and repropose.