Monday, November 09, 2009

Proposal: Rust Treatment

Fails 4-3. yuri_dragon_17

Adminned at 10 Nov 2009 20:15:37 UTC

Part 1:
In the rule “Runes”, amend the sentence that read: “The only legal Value for Damaged Runes is ‘X’.” so that it reads “The only legal Values for Damaged Runes are “X” and “Q”. 
Add “Q” to the list of runes in the sentence in that rule that begins “No Rune can have a Value other than…”

Part 2: If there is a subrule to the rule entitled “Spellcasting” that lists Spells, add the following to that subrule:
Contaminate has “RUST” as its activation sequence.  Its Effect is Choose two different Apprentices.  With respect to the Workbench of each of these Apprentices, choose any one of three rightmost Runes in such Workbench and replace it with a ‘Q’.”

Part 3:  Add a new rule entitled “Contamination”, as follows:

The ‘Q’ Damaged Rune is generally regarded as an undesirable contaminant.  An Apprentice who has at least one ‘Q’ in his Workbench is regarded as Contaminated.  If at least two Days have elapsed since any ‘Q’s have been added to a given Apprentice’s Workbench by any means (and that Apprentice is still Contaminated), [and if the Contaminated Apprentice has a Time of at least 2], then any Player may replace any Rune in that Contaminated Apprentice’s Workbench that is adjacent to a ‘Q’ with a ‘Q’.

Part 4: If the proposal “Less Grinding, More Carving” fails, then delete the bracketed text in part 3 and replace the text “If at least two Days” in part 3 with “If at least three Days”.



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Leaning against on this, but I want others’ opinions.

Apathetic Lizardman:

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Ehhhhhh, idk. against


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