Saturday, August 06, 2011

Call for Judgment: Spring-Heeled Jack

Eventually reached quorum 5-1, enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 10 Aug 2011 02:41:54 UTC

Josh contends that the Spring-Mounted Propeller Panel Trap effect of…

If that Square is Empty or contains a Target, then the Victim is moved to it. If the Square contains a Gladiator other than the Victim, then both that Gladiator and the Victim die. Otherwise, the Victim dies.

...means that if the Square is Empty, then the Victim is both moved to it, and dies. I contend that the “If… If… Otherwise…” means that the “otherwise” clause only triggers if neither of the first two conditions are met. (Reading it as “If the Square is Empty, then: if the Square contains a Gladiator do X, otherwise do Y” doesn’t make a lot of sense, because an Empty Square could never contain a Gladiator.)

If this CfJ passes, replace “Otherwise” with “If neither of these conditions are met” in the effect of the Spring-Mounted Propeller Panel, for the sake of clarity. If Prince Anduril is Resting, set him to “Fighting” and return him to Arena Square C1. Remove the Frags that Josh erroneously assigned for his death. If Kevan gained a Foul as a result of the Fweep post from Josh regarding Prince Anduril and the Propeller Panel, transfer that Frag to Josh.

Josh raised a Fweep over this, but only thought it “interesting” that I disagreed in comments, so I assume he stands by its legality.


Josh: Bookie he/they

06-08-2011 10:06:34 UTC



06-08-2011 10:40:57 UTC

against transfer that frag to josh what


06-08-2011 10:49:04 UTC

Also because
<tt>if (foo)
  if (bar)

is indented correctly.


06-08-2011 10:49:30 UTC

Err… anyway, else binds to the nearest if.

Kevan: he/him

06-08-2011 12:58:41 UTC

Yes, “Frag” was just a typo for “Foul”, so that sentence won’t have any effect.

Darknight: he/him

06-08-2011 22:13:17 UTC



08-08-2011 01:40:59 UTC



09-08-2011 16:52:34 UTC



09-08-2011 17:10:12 UTC