Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Proposal: The End is Near!

Self-killed - enacted by Chivalrybean

Adminned at 26 Dec 2007 17:06:59 UTC

If this proposal passes and if a majority of the comments containing active FOR votes contain the text “Crash Course”, in the rule Training Skirmishes, change the text

As a Daily Action, the Allfather may announce that a Skirmish has taken place in perperation for the Final Battle.


As a Daily Action, once any Valkyrie may announce that a Skirmish has taken place in perpetration for the Final Battle. Before doing so, they must make a post explaining such so no two Valkyries attempt a training skirmish at the same time. (check first so you don’t waste your time)

Enact a new rule called Dropping The Ball. It shall contain the following text.

The time for Ragnarök is near. When the blognomic clock reaches 11:59 on December 31st 2007, no more training skirmishes may be initiated. Any unrecruited Einherjar shall be given to the highest bidder or Fólkvangr as soon as possible, but no more Einherjar can be added to the Unrecruited Einherjar list. As soon as the Unrecruited Einherjar list is empty, the Allfather shall commence Ragnarök. This shall be done by following the same rules as Training Skirmishes with these following differences: The Allfather shall repeat the skirmish process until only one Valkyrie has any remaining Einherjar. This Valkyrie wins the game.

I think this will work.



12-26-2007 23:00:15 UTC

The Allfather is idle. Game end can’t depend on the Allfather.


12-27-2007 00:46:11 UTC

against we’d be stuck since hix idled


12-27-2007 01:05:13 UTC

Well, shucks.


12-27-2007 01:06:31 UTC