Saturday, February 10, 2007

Proposal: We Need Compensation

We’ll charitably call this “Self-Killed”. Josh

Adminned at 12 Feb 2007 01:56:26 UTC

Replace the first paragraph of 2.1 Filmographies with

Each actor has a Filmography, which is stored in a wiki page called “Filmographies”. This is a list of the films that each Actor has starred in, and for each film:
* The year of that film
* The role that they played in the film
* The amount of Fame earned from the role

When adding a role to eir Filmography, an Actor shall calculate the fame e has earned for that role as specified in 2.4.1 “Role Values”.

Replace 2.4 Fame with

Every Actor has a Fame statistic, tracked in the GNDT. Fame is an integer from 0-100. Actors start with a Fame of 0.  An Actor’s Fame is the sum of the Fame earned from each of the roles in eir Filmography.  At any time, an Actor may update the GNDT to reflect the current Fame value for any Actor.  A role’s Fame value is determined solely at the time the role is added to an Actor’s Filmography, and cannot be changed except as explicitly stated by other rules.

2.4.1 Role Values

* If the role is as an Extra, it is worth 1 Fame.
* If the role is as a Minor Character, it is worth 3DICE6 Fame.
* If the role is as a Named Character, and the Actor is not currently the subject of any Gossip stories, it is worth 3DICE6 Fame.
* If the role is as a Named Character, and the Actor is currently the subject of exactly one Gossip story, it is worth 5DICE6 Fame.
* If the role is as a Named Character, and the Actor is currently the subject of more than one Gossip story, it is worth 2DICE6 Fame.

Calculate Fame values (per 2.4.1) for all roles currently in the Filmographies.
Update all Actor’s Fame values on the GNDT.



02-10-2007 00:35:23 UTC

against As much as I like the direction, and admire you for being the first to attempt this, I don’t think I agree with your weighting. It doesn’t seem plausible to me that a person with two gossip stories and a major role (say, Linsey Lohan) should gain less fame than a mere minor role (say, Paul Giamatti or Ray Winstone). While I accept that, at that point the fame generated from the press eclipses the fame generated by the film, the rule should probably reflect this.


02-10-2007 00:50:55 UTC

I admit that the weighting may not be optimal.  I tried to come up with reasonable values to avoid the “filling in blanks” problem.  In my mind, the primary thing that this brings to the table is the framework,  which I designed such that it is easy for future proposals to modify the values.

I suggest that you vote for this proposal if you like the framework it presents, and then make a proposal to change the values if you don’t think they’re right.

We’re still a ways away from anyone getting a Named Role, and there’s still time to fix the values, but if this is the direction we want to go in, we should get the superstructure in place so that we can move on to discussing the values.


02-10-2007 03:10:00 UTC

Thats way too much fame against


02-10-2007 06:22:29 UTC

against Lets discuss the values in the comments here, then repropose it in a way people are happy with.


02-10-2007 06:58:44 UTC



02-10-2007 19:31:25 UTC

there is no such thing as negative publicity. The more Gossip stories circulating about the role, the more fame that should be generated.


02-10-2007 20:45:34 UTC

against This conflicts with any rules that allow for the increase or decrease of Fame (and there is at least one such rule currently on the proposal queue), since you’re proposing a strict formula for fame in terms of the state of the Filmography.


02-10-2007 21:33:04 UTC

against Bandwagon


02-11-2007 19:00:46 UTC

against Too much fame, too much randomness. I’d be fine with the same proposal minus all “DICE6"s.


02-11-2007 19:06:20 UTC

No publicity is bad publicity…  against


02-11-2007 19:45:04 UTC



02-11-2007 19:57:23 UTC

against I like it, but the fame stat needs to be increased more per major role, even w/ 2 gossip stories.

Elias IX:

02-11-2007 23:04:12 UTC



02-12-2007 00:14:43 UTC

against Self-kill.  I’ll adjust the values and try again.