Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Story Post: Who gets things done? WE get things done!!!!

Yuri and I took about 15 minutes learning and changing a basic java script to hide/unhide the idle player list, and then putting it into effect. Then we took about 45 minutes trying to figure out why it didn’t work, until I discovered a missing “. Click the “idle players” to see the list.  Anyway, there’s one more thing to cross off the list of things for admins to do on the Admin Feedback page! And if Excalabur goes ahead and upgrades EE, we will have crossed out 2 in one dynasty. Sweeet.

Boo-Ya!!! If you need anything else to be hidden by default on the page, I’ll be happy to implement it. Just post any suggestions here. **I believe celebratory sleep is in order now, so it’ll have to wait for morning. Night.



08-25-2009 07:00:37 UTC

I would like to note that it took exactly one day less than a year to date to get anything on that list done. This was the first thing, apparently.


08-25-2009 07:01:44 UTC

2 days. Whoops. same difference.

Ienpw III:

08-25-2009 14:34:39 UTC

It’s gone, again Wak. The script is still there, just the link isn’t. Did you do something?


08-25-2009 20:14:56 UTC

lol, it’s still there. It’s just not the same color as the other links.