Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who needs food when you can imagine it?

Add a paragraph to the end of the rule “Hunger and Tiredness” with the following text:

If the day on which a Survivor last Ate, or Slept, is more than 3 days ago, for each consecutive day following this that that Survivor does not Eat or Sleep, their Sanity level is reduced by 1, until the day they Eat or Sleep again. A Survivor’s Sanity level may only be reduced by 1 for each day they do not eat or sleep. This rule does not affect other rules involving change of Sanity level.

Would be nice to have a reason to eat and sleep in there early.


Kevan: Oracle he/him

28-08-2011 20:36:40 UTC

Afraid you forgot to put this post in the “proposal” category (and per Rule 3.2 paragraph 2 it’s too late to change it now), so this is not a legal proposal.

Prince Anduril:

28-08-2011 22:02:15 UTC

Oh yeah. Damn.