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December 1969.'>

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Operation: Mad Quarkssed

We have got word that by capturing some Scientists, we can finish the Doomsday Device much faster. Thereby, I suggest we go forth and attempt to take the most Scientists we can back to Antarctica and make them submit to us for the great Overlord!

Requirements: Any Henchman in Europe may join this Operation.

Each henchman makes a Roll of DICEX where X is that Henchmans MS + GL, which represents the use of indiscriminate force to nab a Scientist and bring it back to our HQ. If that Henchman has moved back to Antarctica before the Operation is resolved and er roll was 10 or higher, that Henchman successfully caught a Scientist and brought it back. For each Scientist caught, the Mad Scientist’s number of members is reduced by one. If at least one scientist is captured, the operation succeeds, otherwise it fails.

Each Henchman that caught a Scientist succesfully gets 1 FPT, 1 Standing and 1 GL. Europe’s Influence is increased by the total amount of captured Scientists. The Henchman that resolves this Operation may add three parts to the Doomsday Device per captured Scientist, but doesn’t get GL for doing so. If a Henchman included suggestions for Doomsday Device parts on their comments, those suggestions should be taken into consideration for adding.

Failure: Each Henchman gets beaten badly and we loose some reputation for not being able to fight physicists and math Professors. The Influence in Europe drops by 10 and the Overlord’s Standingdrops by the same amount. Each Henchman who joined loses 2 GL.



07-05-2008 00:51:22 UTC

I’m in, used weekly move. DICE20:10 - Scientist forcibly nabbed.

Then used FPT to escort Scientist to Antarctica. This operation is a success.


07-05-2008 01:15:36 UTC

I don’t have a FPT or I would do this.


07-05-2008 01:23:14 UTC

Could I loan you the one I get?


07-05-2008 02:24:11 UTC

Problem 1: You don’t get a FPT until the operation is resolved, at which point I would not be able to join anyway.

Problem 2: The Ruleset does not allow the giving of FPTs or FFMs… yet.


07-05-2008 19:12:26 UTC

I’m in.  Rolled a 22 and moved to antarctica, so I’m eligible for success rewards also.


08-05-2008 16:47:41 UTC

Does anyone have suggestions for Doomsday parts?  We can add 6.


08-05-2008 23:30:08 UTC

The operation has been resolved.  Jay and Beane have received the rewards, and Europe’s influence rises by 2.