Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Proposal: All I’m offering is the truth

Selfkilled / Skju

Adminned at 18 Jun 2014 16:23:16 UTC

Add the following buildings to the map in the rule “Position”:

* Government Warehouse at 5D
* Uplink Tower at 1E

Add to the list in the rule “Street Actions”:

* Scan: the Referee privately informs the acting Assassin of all other Assassins in the same Location as the acting Assassin (Stealthed or not).

* Inventory (specifying another Assassin as the Victim): if the Victim and acting Assassin have the same Position, then the Referee privately informs the acting Assassin of any Gadget that the Victim is carrying.

* Intercept (specifying another Assassin as the Victim): if the Victim and acting Assassin have the same Position, then the Referee privately informs the acting Assassin of the last non-Discarded Note sent by the Victim.

* Exploit Lag: the next time the Referee Tolls the Bell, the acting Assassin’s two most recent Notes are kept and processed.

* Bug (optionally specifying another Assassin as the Victim): the Referee privately informs the acting Assassin of the current Position of any Assassin currently Bugged by the acting Assassin; that Bugged Assassin then ceases to be Bugged by the acting Assassin. Then, if the acting Assassin is carrying a Tracker and specifies a Victim sharing a Position with the acting Assassin, the Victim becomes Bugged by the acting Assassin (tracked secretly by that Assassin and the Referee), and the acting Assassin’s Tracker is destroyed.

* Diagnostic (optionally specifying to Wipe): the Referee privately informs the acting Assassin if and who they are currently Bugged by. If the acting Assassin specifies to Wipe, then they cease to be Bugged by other Assassins, and any other Assassins Bugged by the acting Assassin cease to be so.

and change the name “Pick Up Gadget” to “Steal Gadget”.

Add to the list in the rule “Gear”:

* Tracker (Government Warehouse)
* Nano-Antenna (Uplink Tower): an Assassin who carries a Nano-Antenna may successfully perform the Intercept Street Action on a Victim in any Location.

This flavor seems more fruitful, if we don’t mind switching.

There are a lot of actions here, but they’re all fairly basic and thematic (both technologically and Assasininely). Of course, some balancing adjustments might be appropriate (although they can’t be very overpowered compared to the ability to Kill with one action).



18-06-2014 03:51:28 UTC

for  But the Nano-Antenna seems a bit too powerful. I think, if it’s kept, the Notes intercepted with it should have some information removed, such as intercepting a Walk note but only knowing that the Victim wished to move left, or that the type of Street Action was Walk. As it stands, using the Nano-Antenna will give away the position of any Victim who performs the Walk action.

Kevan: HE/HIM

18-06-2014 07:49:32 UTC

imperial Not sure about the theme. And apart from Exploit Lag, these all seem very weak - why would you Bug or Intercept or Inventory someone you were standing next to, when you could just kill them instead?


18-06-2014 08:55:50 UTC

Tenative against. I think that, once you’ve found out that you’re in the same Location as another Assassin, that should be the queue to end the information-gathering stage and start with the stabbing or running away.


18-06-2014 15:13:45 UTC

Some thoughts: the only reason you would indiscriminately kill someone else would be to make them lose one Point. But shouldn’t we be discouraged from killing people other than our respective Targets? We are Assassins, after all, not serial killers.

On the flip side, perhaps it would be more fitting to be rewarded for non-violently gathering information on non-Targets, e.g. for sale to other Assassins or to the military-industrial complex. Then there is some focus on retaining personal anonymity and independence, which are necessary qualities for any Assassin.

It is worth considering putting these actions into a separate list, to be executed before Street Actions, and allowing a Note to contain one of each type. We could even syncopate the cycles for the two types, so that the results of one’s Cyber Action could inform their Street Action.


18-06-2014 16:59:02 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

18-06-2014 17:14:38 UTC

[Skju] Good point - quietly bugging a currently-uninteresting player would pay off if they happened to become your target later on. (On the back of an envelope, I’d prefer help in getting 2 points to the guarantee of someone else losing 1.)

CoV to for for the phrase “Cyber Action”.

Kevan: HE/HIM

18-06-2014 17:25:34 UTC

...although this could all be skinned back to a mediaeval context, really. Spoken and Street Actions, with urchins and thugs doing the legwork.


18-06-2014 20:51:36 UTC



18-06-2014 23:21:54 UTC

against Moving right along.