Monday, August 02, 2010

Story Post: Alright, nobody move or I get it!

I accuse Citizen Kyre-R-BLN of being a member of the following groups:

The Secret Police
The Alien Subversives
The Rebel Usurpers
The Commie Traitors

I’m curious if the last one will get through, but under my interpretation of the rules I believe it will work.



02-08-2010 21:35:34 UTC

for The Secret Police


02-08-2010 21:35:49 UTC

for The Alien Subversives


02-08-2010 21:36:01 UTC

for The Rebel Usurpers


02-08-2010 21:36:16 UTC

for The Commie Traitors


03-08-2010 00:21:33 UTC

Kyre-R-BLN is not a member of The Secret Police, The Alien Subversives, or The Rebel Usurpers.

Kyre-R was Just Doing His Job, and gains -3 Treason Points.
Kyre-R is Considered Quite Treasonous and gains 6 Treason Points.

The first three Accusations are now resolved.
The fourth ‘Accusation’, is not legally an Accusation, per the first sentence of Directive 2.8.1, which states:

Any Citizen may be accused of belonging to one of the groups enumerated in subrules of the rule “We Are Not Alone.”