Friday, June 30, 2017

Detective Press

People who don’t have the (really really superb) Blognomic Tampermonkey script might’ve missed it (because they’re Emperor comments on far back stuff on the blog), so I shall don a journalistic hat to inform the latest findings:

- Card has inspected Orkboi, revealing that they had an Artefact in their possession. Then, Orkboi has been revealed to be Cultist
- I got both Pokes and Kevan, revealing that they had an Artefact each. Then, Pokes has been revealed to be a Spy, and Kevan a Cultist

For your further detective convenience, here is the latest background report (June 20th):
And the other background report (June 13th):

Take into account conspiracies as well (there have been 3 successful ones in between those two reports).

That’s all.

Hot off the presses.



06-30-2017 20:04:47 UTC

Potential Cultist cointoss instawin right now too, split among those three.


06-30-2017 20:27:00 UTC

Thanks. As a Cultist keen to hasten the event we’re all here for, all Artefact gifts are gratefully received at this point. If I’m ever in a position to declare victory, I’ll pick an artefact at random from those I’m carrying and pass the mantle accordingly.


06-30-2017 20:41:33 UTC

FYI, I never received a message indicating to me that I had an artefact.


06-30-2017 20:51:26 UTC


Could be because of “Give each Cultist one Artefact (but the Expedition Leader need not inform them of this gain).”


07-01-2017 21:00:26 UTC