Saturday, March 24, 2012

Draft: Refactoring the endgame

If a rule titled “The End” exists, then change its text to the following, otherwise create a rule titled “The End” with the following text:

During a Planetary Upheaval:

First, if a single Player has more Councilmen than every other player, that player gains an amount of Power equal to one tenth of the total amount of Power owned by all other players combined.

Then, if a single Player has more Power than every other player, that player has achieved victory. This player is encouraged to explain the cause of the dark Ansible, and the fate of Blogia, in any Declarations of Victory they make in the near future.

If the proposal “Who Will Control Blogia?” passed, then in the rule “Cycle Resolution”, replace the text from “If each claim made” to “Otherwise, a new Cycle begins.” with this text:

If each claim made by the player who influenced the Public last Cycle in their Control message was accurate, a Planetary Upheaval occurs; if no player achieves victory as a result, then a new Cycle begins.

If the proposal “Accessible Ansible” passed, then create a new rule titled “Ansible Transmission” with this text:

If the Ansible is 100% complete, then any Player who has not already done so may broadcast a Transmission (causing a Planetary Upheaval) by posting a blog entry announcing this, with ‘Ansible Transmission’ in the title.




24-03-2012 12:40:21 UTC

perhaps I’m missing something - but was does an upheaval do? Also, I would say the theming is a bit off - the planet seems already pretty good and upheav-ed ;)

Darknight: he/him

24-03-2012 21:27:53 UTC


Darknight: he/him

24-03-2012 21:28:29 UTC

and i missed the word draft lol