Saturday, December 12, 2009

Game History?

Just wondering, but why does the “Full Annotated History of Blognomic” Link to Kevan’s site( which is really cool BTW, but only has the history until the second dynasty of Josh) instead of to the history in the wiki?



12-12-2009 19:31:12 UTC

Heck if I know.

Ienpw III:

12-12-2009 19:40:39 UTC

I was wondering the same…


12-12-2009 19:54:19 UTC

That link doesn’t seem to be Gamestate, so I changed it to the BNwiki.

Ienpw III:

12-12-2009 20:31:40 UTC

I put back the old link below the new one.


12-12-2009 20:47:17 UTC

Yea. It seemed kind of short for all the referring to it that goes on.


12-12-2009 21:31:35 UTC

The wiki on Kevan’s site is the wiki we used for the first, blogspot iteration of the game, and is thus ostensiably more complete for matters relating to those dynasties (i.e. all dynasties up to my second). I think calling it the “full annotated history” is just a legacy thing that’s never been changed.