Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposal: More Rites off the top of my hat


Adminned at 31 Oct 2008 15:37:39 UTC

Add the following text at the end of rule “Rituals”:

All decisions made for a ritual shall be documented in the GNDT as a comment at the time of making any dice rolls for that ritual or before it, but never after the roll is made.

Add a new sub-rule “Rain Dancing” to rule “Rituals”:

When this ritual is performed, the Clansmen specifies a type of blessing that will be granted to another Clansmen, as well as which Clansmen (which can also be themselves) will receive the blessing. The available blessings are “Protection”, “Good Fortune” and “Integrity”. The Clansmen then rolls DICEX where X is their honor. If the result is equal to or greater than Quorum, the ritual succeeds and the following effect occurs depending on the choice taken:

Protection: The next time the Clansmen would be Damaged (including Crushing Damage) within 48 hours, that Damage doesn’t happen instead and this effect ends.
Good Fortune: The next time the Clansmen rolls a dice by themselves within 48 hours, they may choose to comment “Good Fortune” on the GNDT, ignore the first result and roll again.
Integrity:  Within the next 48 hours, the honor of the Clansmen may not be reduced by any effect and if their honor increases, it is increased twice that amount instead.




10-30-2008 13:29:26 UTC

for Cookie!


10-30-2008 13:29:43 UTC

How’s that for a random comment?


10-30-2008 14:10:09 UTC



10-30-2008 15:20:09 UTC

Integrity seems abusable if we ever get as far as spending Honor to buy Items.


10-30-2008 16:11:38 UTC

We can amend the ritual if there is ever something we ca spend Honor on.


10-30-2008 17:11:14 UTC


Even so, if you get enough honor rain dances become trivial, and you can basically keep the integrity buff active 24/7


10-30-2008 19:12:17 UTC

against S/K I hadn’t seen the issue pointed by Clucky. I’ll repropose this with something else instead of Integrity


10-31-2008 03:34:09 UTC

Or simply make it to where you can’t use it on yourself.


10-31-2008 04:59:58 UTC

Still using it on others could be an unfair advantage… I have another idea for a third blessing that doesn’t involve hogging honor.