Saturday, December 12, 2009

New player

Newbie ready to jump into the game.



12-12-2009 15:56:39 UTC

Welcome! An admin should be on shortly to add you. Here is your information packet, id badge, complementary badger, and your room key. (Unlike last dynasty, you get a room to yourself. For now) The exits are here, here, and just behind the Wiki. If you have any questions feel free to ask and thank you for flying Blognomic air.


12-12-2009 19:31:26 UTC



12-12-2009 19:37:20 UTC

Done. Quorum remains 12. GNDT password sent.

Welcome to BlogNomic!


12-12-2009 19:58:10 UTC

I didn’t see this, so he’s not included in any of the current score comments I just made.


12-12-2009 23:19:08 UTC

Egads.  So many players.


12-13-2009 15:01:21 UTC

Thank you for the heart-warming welcome. I have one question: Where shall I need the GNDT password?


12-13-2009 15:49:07 UTC

On the right side of the screen there is an ugly(sorry Kevan) box labeled Game Data. Underneath this box is Access the GNTD. On that page you can edit what is in the box, but only with the password.