Monday, July 24, 2017

Proposal: Squire

Self-killed. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 26 Jul 2017 22:19:27 UTC

Add “Squire”, with:

Some Players are Squires, and can become such by proposal. Squires can grant other Players Admin abilities on a software level when such a Player is a gamestate Admin but doesn’t have Admin abilities on a software level yet. (Squires have Admin powers on a software level, but are not gamestate Admins themselves). Squires can Resolve proposals which make a player Admin, as if they were an Admin themselves at that moment. This is the only kind of proposal that a Squire can Resolve, and they can Resolve them at any moment if there are no non-idle Admins.

Then, in “Squire”, replace “Player” and “Players” with “Pactmaker” and “Pactmakers” respectively.

Make Cuddlebeam a Squire. Mark all Squires with an apostrophe ( ’ ) in the sidebar.

I doubt it will happen anytime soon, but a solution like this can be best done at a moment with active admins, because if there are no unidle admins (which has happened before), players are pretty screwed and a solution can’t be Resolved, because you need an Admin for that. This allows a player who is not motivated to be a a full-fledged Admin, yet is motivated to protect the game, to create new Admins in these cases of crisis.


Thunder: he/him

24-07-2017 21:48:20 UTC



25-07-2017 10:13:31 UTC


Kevan: he/him

25-07-2017 10:50:47 UTC

I can’t see that “a solution can’t be Resolved” - an idle admin could (and I’m sure would) unidle to process a CfJ which created a new admin.

(“Squires can Resolve proposals which make a player Admin, as if they were an Admin themselves at that moment.” also looks like a scam hoping to be moved into the Core rules. The ruleset uses “resolve” to mean “enact or fail”, and only ever uses the verb to trigger other effects when something enacts or fails. Resolution is defined as “to perform the act, as an Admin, of enacting or failing a Votable Matter” - if you grant a player the standalone ability to “resolve proposals”, you’re saying that they can choose to enact or fail proposals at will.)


25-07-2017 16:07:41 UTC

... I didnt realize that last part lol (Sounds so enticing though). I thank the scrutiny to my proposals, especially proto-Core ones like this. Anywho:  against