Monday, February 16, 2015

Subroutine Report: ASUM

Put’s security badgestrip flickers and changes to reflect a loss of Diplomatic status, but no other Crewmember gains the role.



16-02-2015 12:18:58 UTC

I don’t believe it’s possible for an ASUM subroutine to do this. I’ve filed a CFJ on the subject.

Kevan: City he/him

16-02-2015 13:20:44 UTC

ais523 has since pointed out that my processing this Subroutine was illegal, per the Appendix (“A Crewmember who has a choice in whether to take an action defined by a dynastic rule may not take that action if both of the following conditions are true: a) the action’s effects are limited to changing values tracked in the GNDT and/or similar gamestate-tracking entities (such as a wiki page), and b) the action would change one or more of those values to an illegal value.”)

Put has been made Diplomat again and the Subroutine in question has gone back into the queue.